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    New things coming soon!!

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    New things coming soon!! Empty New things coming soon!!

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Wed Dec 25, 2013 12:29 am

    Lately i have been looking over things and i see a lot of things that need to be changed and fixed up. So here is a list of things that will be changed and added:

    - A Equipment list shall be added. This shall be added to make sure everyone is using a certain set of weapons and not everything in their list to attack with. The set up shall be as follow:

    Head: For headbands or hats anything you wear on your head.
    Right-Hand: For a weapon in your right hand.
    Left-Hand: For a weapon in your left hand.
    Belt: at certain ranks you can store a certain amount of things here. (List coming soon after 1/1/2014)
    Torso: A shirt of sorts. (List coming soon after 1/1/2014)
    Outer Torso: A chunin vest or anything else like that.
    Cloak: A cloak similar to the Fourth Hokage or Naruto when he was in sage mode. (Available for Chunin rank and up only)
    Legs: Type of pants you can wear for your everyday thing. (List coming soon after 1/1/2014)

    All items for each field shall be available after the new years day, so stay tuned to keep up dates on that.

    - Missions shall be changed up on how they are to be done and what is required to do them, Certain skill sets will be required for them such as tracking and among other things. This shall be done before the new year or the day of new year. Depends on my time frame.

    That is all for the time being, I shall update this when the time comes to update more.

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