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    Making Your own village/ Rebuilding villages

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    Making Your own village/ Rebuilding villages Empty Making Your own village/ Rebuilding villages

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun Jun 16, 2013 7:52 pm

    Im sure all of you are wondering why i started to place in lands that didn't have a Hidden village to them or an significance to the anime/ manga. Well here is your answer: It is so you can create your own villages. Here are many things needed to build certain things and such. Very Happy

    Repairing buildings/ Village:
    Clan compound Rebuilding:
    select homes- 200sc to repair/build
    entire compound- 500sc to repair/build

    Village rebuilding:
    Select homes/buildings- 250sc to repair/build
    restore the entire village- 1,000sc to repair/build

    Now onto the building your own village:

    Establishing the village:
    You must go to the Daimyo of the land to get the village approved and get funds approved.

    Building the Village:
    This takes about 2,500sc to set up the entire village including the village head building and the academy and such into the land. 

    Getting a budget for military:
    Make alliances with other villages and become strong and possibly set up jutsu in the village to make it strong in all of the lands.

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