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    Rinne Sharingan Empty Rinne Sharingan

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    Name: Rinne Sharingan

    Type: Dōjutsu | Kekkei Mōra

    Kekkei Mōra Description: The Rinne Sharingan is a powerful eye technique possessed by those of the Ōtsutsuki clan. It is capable of utilizing the ocular power of the Sharingan-- controlling the powers of Genjutsu in combat. Or, by using the power of the Rinnegan in it, powerful Ninjutsu techniques can be used. The Rinne Sharingan has multiple stages, similarly to the Sharingan. Due to it being capable of using these two things, the Rinne Sharingan has been divided into two paths. Activation of the Rinne Sharingan is a bit different from the other Dōjutsu, as it opens a “third eye” on the user’s forehead instead of the main eyes changing. This third eye is the source of the jutsu used.

    Awakened: The initial form of the Rinne Sharingan when it is first unlocked by the clan member who can utilize the ability. This form has no tomoe, so it mostly retains the appearance of an ordinary, red Rinnegan.
                    600 sentence count
                   At least 15,000 chakra

    Stage 1: The first form of the Rinne Sharingan where three tomoe are unlocked upon activation. 
    Range: 5 meters
                    100 sentence count
                    At least 20,000 chakra

    Stage 2: The second form of the Rinne Sharingan where an additional three tomoe are acquired-- six tomoe in total are present upon activation.
    Range: 5-10 meters
                    200 sentence count
                   At least 25,000 chakra

    Stage 3: The third form of the Rinne Sharingan where an additional three tomoe are acquired-- nine tomoe in total are present upon activation. While the max amount of tomoe have been achieved and the power has increased, mastery over the Rinne Sharingan has not yet been realized.
    Range: 10-20 meters
                    400 sentence count
                   At least 40,000 chakra

    Mastered: The final stage of the Rinne Sharingan. This form still retains nine tomoe as the third stage has, but physical changes to the user’s body are present-- a pair of horn-like protrusions on their forehead. The user is able to utilize the full power of their Rinne Sharingan as soon as they are able to achieve this stage.
    Range: 20-50 meters
                    600 sentence count
                    At least 60,000 chakra

    (Ranges and requirements are just ideas of what I thought could work. Your choice is the final decision.)

    Sharin Path: The Sharin Path of the Rinne Sharingan is devoted to Genjutsu techniques. The abilities of the Dōjutsu revolve around the user casting illusionary techniques on their target or targets. Should this path be chosen, learning Ninjutsu techniques triples the number of sentence count required to learn them. 

    Rinne Path: The Rinne Path of the Rinne Sharingan is devoted to Ninjutsu techniques. Space-Time Ninjutsu is a main part of the Rinne Path’s abilities. Differentiating this path from the Sharin, all Genjutsu techniques are more difficult to learn-- the required sentence count is tripled.

    (Depending on which path is chosen, clan abilities of the other path cannot be learned. So, if you choose to be in the Sharin Path, you cannot learn Rinne Path techniques.)

    Clan: Ōtsutsuki Clan

    Link to Clan ApplicationSee Here
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    Rinne Sharingan Empty Re: Rinne Sharingan

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