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    Unique things/Skills Empty Unique things/Skills

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Wed Mar 02, 2016 8:53 pm

    It has been shown throughout the series that there are things that can be done that have been lacking in this role play. Well no more, Here are some of the things that I have discovered by reading through things. Enjoy.

    Scientist- This Unique class gives the user the capability of studying scientific possibilities of the Shinobi world. Mastering this skill allows the user to create unique tools or weapons and even Body Modifications. 50sc to master.

    Body Modifications- By using this unique modification the user can change their body and even add extra eyes to their bodies, or even change the DNA of their bodies. This Class gives unique modifications that can be picked from as well as unique ones of your choice. 50sc to master.

    Body Modifications Abilities:
    Name: Human Body Shedding Technique
    Description: Kabuto sheds his human skin to enter his snake mode after he gets trapped. It is useful in surprising an enemy who has trapped him. This technique is similar to Orochimaru's Body Shedding, but it is unknown if this regenerates limbs. Another similarity is Kabuto's snake form, which is again similar to Orochimaru's true form.
    Ability: Change your body into a snake for a certain amount of time to escape quickly.
    (100sc Surgery to gain this form)

    Name: Body Shedding
    Description: Used primarily after sustaining massive injury or as a means to elude a seemingly inescapable attack, this technique allows the user to materialise a new body — typically by regurgitating it from their mouth — in a manner that somewhat resembles how a snake sheds its skin. 
    After emerging, the user's clothing and injuries are completely restored, with even amputated limbs being regenerated. Whilst the technique has the additional advantage of potentially being extremely difficult to detect, its use consumes a great amount of chakra.
    Ability: Heals the users body and regenerates any severed limbs.
    (50sc Surgery to gain this form)

    Name: Soft Physique Modification
    Description: Originally developed for spying activities, this technique can be done after some surgery and actual body modification. The user dislocates their joints then controls their softened body with chakra, allowing them to stretch and twist any part of their body at any angle, elongating and even coiling around their opponent. This can also be used to make the user's body more malleable and snakelike. Orochimaru's version allows him to stretch any of his body parts well beyond their normal length and allows him to move in the manner of a snake.
    Ability: Allows the user the ability to stretch their limbs in any manner they wish.
    (75sc Surgery to gain this form)

    Name: Power of the White Snake
    Description: The Power of the White Snake is a general term for the user's ability to heal any injuries and to turn into a giant white snake. This enables them to utilise Living Corpse Reincarnation on a victim when the time is right. The Power of the White Snake is conferred by the White Snake Sage of Ryūchi Cave, by biting a person and injecting them with its natural energy. Those who survive are deemed worthy of being taught Sage Mode. Aside from increased regeneration, The user can also reconnect his body with snakes should it be bisected, or if the injuries are too severe to heal, he can shed his skin to regurgitate a new body, free from all damage.
    Ability: Transform into a giant snake form.
    (100sc Surgery to gain this form)

    Name: Gathering of the Snakes
    Description: If the user would be bisected by an opponent, snakes would come from each of the halves and bring him back altogether.
    Ability: Gain the ability to be pieced back together if bisected.
    (Gained with the Power of the White Snake)

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