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    Special Skills

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    Special Skills Empty Special Skills

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun Jun 16, 2013 8:17 pm

    This is for ninja of Rank above Academy Student to master and or learn so that they can take on special duties in their lands. These skills can be learned and mastered at any rank and be used in all areas of rp.

    Type of skills:
    Barrier (Barrier squad)
    Tracking (Anbu)
    Bird Handling (Aviary)
    Medical (Hospital)
    Deciphering (Cryptanalysis Squad)
    Teaching (Academy Teacher or Special Jonin)

    How to start the levels (Must do each sc individually on different posts):
    Level 1: 15sc
    Level 2: 25sc
    Level 3: 35sc
    Level 4: 45sc
    Level 5: 55sc
    Level 6: 65sc
    Level 7: 75sc
    Level 8: 85sc
    Level 9: 95sc
    Level 10: 105sc

    Once you master up to level 3 you can work into the fields you are training for.

    Guidelines for Each Job area:

    Barrier Squad:
    All levels here you just learn basic barrier maintenance skills. (Mostly seen in the Leaf Village but can spread to others with the proper learning.)

    Tracking (Anbu):
    For this one it is going to be different for certain things. Here they are:

    Level 1-2: Basic hunting skills are learned at this point.

    Level 3: Entry level into the Anbu. Tracking skills are enhanced to be able to track by foot prints.

    Level 4-6: Tracking skills are enhanced to make you into a pro tracker. This is the stepping stones to becoming the Captain of an Anbu Unit.

    Level 7: At this level you gain the proper amount of skill to become an Anbu Captain. At this level you serve directly under the Kage instead of just your Anbu Captain.

    Level 8-10: Basically just you improving your skills to the level of being a professional tracker. Basically the level of the best bounty hunter in the world.

    Medical Ninja:
    Medical Ninja are the most important type of shinobi to each squad and in the villages as well. Here are the rank descriptions for each class:

    Level 1-2: Entry level into Medical tactics. You are not an official Medical Ninja yet and you can learn up to D-Rank Medical Ninjutsu.

    Level 3: You may register at the Hospitals to become a nurse there and become a back up Medical Ninja in the squads in the field. May learn C-Rank Medical Ninjutsu. (Genin Rank cannot go farther than this rank)

    Level 4-5: At this point you are a pretty good Doctor and serve a good purpose to each squad you are a part of. During these levels you may become an entry level Surgeon.

    Level 6: At this Level are can now serve as one of the head Doctors of the Hospitals and also be a leading Medical Ninja out in the field. May Learn B-Rank Medical Ninjutsu. (Chunin Rank cannot go farther than this rank)

    Level 7: Once reaching this level you can begin the master study of cures for poisons and creating your own style of Medical Ninjutsu if you wish to do so.

    Level 8: Upon Reaching this level you can match the medical power of the best Doctors in the world. May learn A-Rank Medical Ninjutsu.

    Level 9:

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