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    Role Play Rules

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    Role Play Rules Empty Role Play Rules

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun Jun 16, 2013 7:20 pm

    Rp rules-

    The rules for RP are simple:


    1. Respect the turn order when in group RP thread.
    (The first person who entered the room is the first 
    to RP, followed by the second and then the third.)

    2. Each player gets two actions in battle
    (The order it goes depends on the action taken and whether a hit was taken)

    3. Use proper grammar
    (No one really wants to RP with someone with poor grammar usage)
    Note* If you think you need help, PM Izzy and she will be glad to proof read with suggestions

    4. Use your stats responsibly
    (If you miss use your stats and use dodges and blocks too much, you will 
    run out of chakra and set yourself up for death.. 
    Yes, Everyone can die unless specifications are set by Admin/Mods)


    1. God mod
    (You can not control everything that happens in a thread, 
    leave the divine right to the Almighty{If you believe in him})

    2. No Auto hits
    (Give the opponent time to react)
    Note* If an opponent has not replied in 48hrs, contact Admin/Mod, and they will issue the Auto-hit

    3. Don't assume you can dodge everything
    (If you are point blank or arms reach of an opponent, Don't say you dodged this or that regardless of speed. Be mature and take the hit, whats the worst that could happen from a standard attack)

    4. Don't forget about your team
    (One on One is great, but like the cannon, you will be mostly working in 4 man cells. Take your comrades in concideration when using abilities or planning an attack.. No one likes a Hero in a team..)

    1st Offense: Warning by PM
    2nd Offense: Loss of 5,000 Chakra
    3rd Offense: Loss of 10,000 Chakra and 1 week Ban from posting (0 weekly SC)
    4th Offense: Removed membership


    1} Post in Novel Form
    Simply no asterisks in normal roleplays.
    Example- *Sally ran down the road*
    This is story based work. Write it as you would write a story or a book.

    2} Use italics for your thoughts during roleplay.
    Example would be:
    Billy was running after a ball when suddenly a thought occurred, I really should be doing homework.
    It is like when a character is speaking to themselves within their head.


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