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    Pocession of Power, The Three Tails gets captured


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    Pocession of Power, The Three Tails gets captured Empty Pocession of Power, The Three Tails gets captured

    Post by Blakdeath on Mon Mar 07, 2016 6:05 am

    Leaping through the trees Hakaruto began to get close to the lake he desired to find. He could feel it as the air became more humid and the breeze from the water began to build up in the air as well. Getting a smile on his face he knew that the lake he desired to find was right up ahead as he gulped for a second in excitement at finally achieving a part of his goal. Looking out into the distance he stopped on a branch as he saw water for the first time since being here.

    "So this is Rakan Lake. It's a pretty big lake, big enough to host a Tailed Beast like the Three Tails!" Looking out at the lake he began to laugh historically as he finally got the chance to capture this tailed beast. Activating the Curse Mark he began to look out at the lake still grinning with an evil look in his eyes. "Now then, how about we begin this you beast!"

    Forming a set of hand signs he began to build up his chakra and draw up on the water around him. "Come out already, Three Tails! Water Style; Hardened Water Drill!" Building up four large water drills Hakaruto then sent all four of them into the lake with full force of his power causing the lake to erupt into a volcano. Steam began to fill the area and a loud roar with large amounts of chakra began to erupt from the lake that made Hakaruto began to get excited from it. Jumping out of the tree he began to charge directly at the Tailed Beast to begin the battle with it stopping at the shoreline. The beast then appeared from the fog and turned its attention to Hakaruto with a full angry feel in its chakra that it was emitting towards him and the surrounding area.

    "Good, that's right keep your attention directly on me. So I can seal you!" Forming some hand seals he then slammed his hands into the ground forming a large Earth Wall giving him some cover against the beast. After a few seconds passed he then formed a few more seals forming some water clones to charge in while he prepared a sneak attack on the beast. "Now then, it is time that the main event began!"

    The water clones then ran out from behind the wall and charged at the beast with full intent on taking it out. Right as soon as the clones emerged the beast then let out a roar that stopped the clones in their tracks. Hakaruto knew that something was about to happen but he wasn't sure what, the magnitude of this power was almost overwhelming. Breaking out into a sweat he couldn't help but almost break under the pressure of its power and even being this close to it. Out of no where the beast charged up a large ball of water in front of it and shot it out at him and the clones that had enough force to make the clones vanish and nearly destroy the wall that was protecting him. Making some quick thinking he began to amass some chakra for another attack.

    This part of his dream couldn't end here as he finished forming the chakra for next move he then jumped on top of the wall. "This should put a dent in you! Earth Style; Quicksand Jutsu!" Slamming his palm into the ground the water in the lake began to act funny as the beast was slowly drawn back down into the lake trapping it into a vortex type of thing. With it being trapped Hakaruto jumped up into the air over the beast forming hand signs once more causing a water drill to appear once more. Hitting the beast with the jutsu once more with the technique made it roar very loudly before slowly becoming quiet and with its tails trapped it could not counter. Jumping onto its back Hakaruto then formed a new type of hand signs and placed his hand onto the beast. In a very quick fashion the beast was slowly drawn into Hakaruto body and a seal began to appear on his stomach area as the beast completely vanished. Feeling weak he then used what strength he had left to jump back onto land where he laid down on the ground panting for air as he had used too much chakra in this fight.

    "That beast was much tougher than I thought it would be. I will have to rest for a bit before doing anything." Flipping himself onto his back he then closed his eyes for a moment. Smiling he knew that this was step one to gaining the power that he long searched for however now he had to start getting an army together. This was to be the next thing he did but he wanted something else to help him gain some fame to use to gather followers. He then thought about famous people from the past and each had a weapon that they used or a jutsu that made them really powerful. However with the lack of strong jutsu it was a weapon that he wanted to become more famous with, one in particular caught his attention and that was the sword of Zabuza Momochi of the Hidden Mist Swordsman. Setting his goal to that he then fell asleep as he was now too weak to even move. As he slept he began to dream about achieving his goals as he slipped into a deep slumber.

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    Pocession of Power, The Three Tails gets captured Empty Re: Pocession of Power, The Three Tails gets captured

    Post by Blakdeath on Thu May 26, 2016 9:07 pm

    Opening his eyes once more Hakaruto just laid there with a grin on his face. He knew that what had just happened was not a dream. Everything that he started fighting for began to fall into place. "Even that fool Kirito could not hold a candle to me. Nothing can compare to a Jinchuuriki when at full strength."

    Closing his eyes he then appeared before the Three Tails and smiled at it. "I intend to use your power to create a new world. Assist me and you will be rewarded, Three Tails." The Three Tails just turned its head and looked the other way in a huff. It was acting out of defiance for being sealed once again after being free for so long. However the beast knew he had no choice but to give him power since he had full control over the seal. "Very well you can use my power. Just be careful, take out too much at your current level and I will seize control and escape. Remember that one, boy." The Three Tails then leaked some of its power to Hakaruto causing a red chakra to appear around Hakaruto.

    Hakaruto opened his eyes and had a red chakra around him but no tails were forming. He smiled as he managed to only draw on the bare minimum for his current level and to control. Forming a couple hand signs he then spit out some water and it was even more powerful than before. Right there he knew that he chose the right beast to seal within himself. However he wanted more power than what he already had and to gain more control so that he could bring down anyone who dared to stand against him. He made the chakra cloak disappear as he not longer needed to demonstrate the power that it held and took a deep breath. Just then out of the corner of his eye he then caught a glimpse of a headband. The symbol on it was a star which he knew was from the land of Bears. Smiling he knew that he could gain some allies by talking to them. Just then a group of them surrounded Hakaruto with weapons drawn and pointed at him.

    "So you are the one who was causing so much noise near our training grounds." Just then a man appeared from behind the group wearing a cloak similar to Naruto Uzumaki's. Hakaruto then knew that he was the leader of these people and had to take advantage of this and make his case. "That's right sorry bout that. But it is a good thing that you are here, as I have a question for you as their leader. Are you satisfied with this world as it is?" The leader then got a shocked look on his face and many of the men began to whisper to each other. Looking their leader dead in the eye, Hakaruto only kept a serious look on his face. "What does it matter what we think, we are just a low ranking village. We don't get much say in what happens in this world. Never did." Hakaruto then got a warm smile only as an outward appearance but not deep down. "Would you like to have a say? You could join my army that I am forming to change the world. I could use your village's strength at my side to make the world become better for everyone."

    The leader could only think for a moment as he saw the look of his men wanting to become stronger and have better lifestyles. Closing his eyes he spoke to Hakaruto with concern for his men and what was in it for them. "What do you have to offer? If the offer is good enough that benefits everyone here then I shall accept here on the spot." Hakaruto could only smile as he gave the leader a good straight answer as to what there is to gain from joining him. "You will gain wealth and a powerful standing in the new world. You as their leader will be on my person counsil. There shall be others but you are the first." The men then laid down their weapons and stood there looking at their leader waiting for an answer. The leader only closed his eyes again and began to hum to himself before answering. "Very well you have the support of the Hidden Star. My name is Sumaru, the Fifth Hoshikage." Hakaruto and Sumaru then shook hands as the men scattered from the spot and began to head for home. "We will get in contact with you and deal with out Daimyo. We will kill him and place in a fake in his place to avoid suspicion. So long now new comrade." Sumaru left to catch up with his men in the distance leaving Hakaruto alone once more.

    Knowing that he had now gained a new ally with the Hidden Star he had to move on and make himself stronger as well. Receiving information a few days ago he heard of a Hyuga who was dying of old age in the Hidden Cloud. Perhaps getting that man's eyes would be one way to gaining the power he wanted to convince others to join him as well. With the power of the Three Tails and what power he knew that he could develop he would be able to lead the army with as much strength as the First Hokage did.

    Walking down the path that he took to get to this lake, Hakaruto began his journey toward the Hidden Cloud. This decision to change his original eyes for Byakugan would be a huge jump into an unknown world. However it would grant him the power to command the army he planned to make and possibly find the answers he was searching for in this world. With it being as peaceful as it is in this world it would be easy to take control however the third world countries out there are being left in the dark without the luxuries of the larger countries. Many people are still starving out there and dying day after day without any way out other than suffering. This peace that Naruto Uzumaki created was nothing but a false peace blind to the real terror happening around them. Sumaru confirmed that it is also true in the Land of Bears, everything is still the same as before if not worse. While the Five Great Nations have electricity and modern luxuries other lands barely have anything but wooden shacks. Food is scarce out there and even worse in some places. He was going to create an army to aid these Third World Nations and make the Five Great Nations feel their pain and suffering after so many years under their shadows.


    The sun was shining bright upon a small village surrounded by farm land. In this land a young boy Hakaruto at the age of Seven was playing with his younger brother on their family's farm. This was in the land of Birds that was one of the outer lands without a shinobi village. Work was scarce even back then but things got by even without much money. Everything was happiness, to Hakaruto at least.

    "Father can we go to the market today? I want mom to make something special for dinner!" A young Hakaruto only stood their smiling at their father who could only look at him with his sunken in face and smile. "Forgive me my son, our crops did not rake in enough money this week to even buy much food. Maybe some other time." His smile faded rather quickly and was saddened by the fact that he couldn't eat a big meal for the first time in months. This most they eat for dinner is fish with rice, Hakaruto was getting sick of eating such things all the time.

    It wasn't very long before he turned Eight and his father had passed away of an illness that was brought on from not eating enough. It was all because they didn't have the money to buy the food they needed to survive. All this time he kept hearing how great the Hidden Leaf village was and how it was inventing new technology everyday. Those people were living without worry while Hakaruto and what was left of his family suffered everyday of their lives. This made Hakaruto's heart grow colder, especially after the death of his little brother when bandits passed through town and killed several people. It was during that moment that Hakaruto decided to become a Shinobi and fight for the people of these lands. It was also discovered that he had chakra similar to his ancestor, Hashirama Senju. Training until he was strong enough Hakaruto remained in the Land of Birds until after his mother's passing of a broken heart. After the funeral of his mother he left the Land of Birds and headed for the Land of Fire to become a Shinobi and become stronger than anyone in existence. Change the world, into a land that knows suffering of all and come together for everyone, not just one single group of nations.

    ~~Back to Present~~

    A single tear went down his cheek as Hakaruto remembered the memories with is family and little brother. He couldn't help but feel if he had even this amount of power that he had, he could have done something to change their fate. Everyone that he was once close with as a child was now gone and only he remained with the pain of losing all the bonds he had ever had. It was this pain that fueled him to make his plan take form, he had to use ever ounce of power he could muster up to gain control over everything. Through his pain he was going to form the bridge to change the world forever and make it truly peaceful for the first time in existence of mankind.

    Running through the woods at his full speed he began to feel the power of the Three Tails begin to build up even more. This entire time he was drawing on its power to train and gain full control over it without showing his power quite yet. He was almost able to fully draw on the power without even having to try very hard like he had to the first time. He stopped where he stood and called out the cloak of chakra and was able to form three full tails of chakra with very little effort. He began to produce coral on his hand just be formulating his chakra and manipulating the Three Tails natural abilities as well. "So this is the hidden power of the Three Tails. I can make good use of this ability. Would make incapacitating opponents very easy." Dispelling the chakra cloak he stood there ready to continue his journey to the Hidden Cloud.

    He closed his eyes with a good warm feeling that he had finally taken a step in the right way. The Land of the Birds, Land of Bears and Land of Woods were all third world countries and they needed his help. Any country with people out there suffering he had to help and protect them, no matter what he had to do. Even if it meant having to destroy and rebuild society.

    Turning down the path some more Hakaruto continued on his way to the Hidden Cloud. This trip to get the Byakugan will allow him to look deeply at everything that is going on with the world. With his current level of Chakra control he could handle the Byakugan very easily. Using the Byakugan he was going to shape the world and change it. All he had to do was gain the support from some more people in the lands and form his army and get a permanent base set up for them to operate out of. Everything had to be done in the shadows and not be seen. Only to appear out of the Darkness when the time was right. That only time was to be when the Revolution began in his favor. Entering the land of Lightning, Hakaruto then took off at full speed to hurry to the funeral to gain more power.

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