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    A new Prophesy: Kirito's fate

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    A new Prophesy: Kirito's fate

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Thu Jun 09, 2016 4:37 pm

    Arriving in the Land of Toads, Kirito could not help but look around and admire the view. Everything around here looked so peaceful compared to the world around this place. Nothing was littered with war or battle scars, everything was as natural as you can be. Crisp clean water, plants and insects everywhere, it was just such a peaceful place. Closing his eyes Kirito couldn't help but want this for the rest of the world. No more fighting for an unjust cause that will only lead to more war. All of his jutsu was going to be used to benefit the people of the world not fight. With his new creed he decided to only fight if it is unavoidable. Unnecessary thoughts of battle and conflict was now put out of his mind as he began to take on his new peaceful demeanor.

    The frog who brought Kirito here noticed the change in him without even having to really ask. He could just see it in Kirito's eyes that began to reflect his true feelings. A peaceful more loving personality than ever seen before in a shinobi from the Uchiha Clan. It was almost hard to take in for someone who had seen many battles and knowing the Uchiha for many years. The was something completely new to the entire world. With a smile on his face the frog began to lead Kirito to the grand elder.

    "Thank you for bringing me here. I feel my heart begin to become unclouded from the dark thoughts of my own Clan and blood. I must thank you from the bottom of my heart." These words came out of nowhere out of Kirito, it shocked the toad to an extent he stopped moving forward and looked back at him. Only thing he could see was a peaceful smile on Kirito's face as he continued to catch up to the toad even more since the toad stopped moving. Turning back around the toad continued to move forward with a smile of his own on his face. True peace was seen on Kirito and he knew that the peace he had just seen will be passed onto others.

    They arrived at the Grand Elder Toad's home where Kirito stood before the large aged toad to wait for him to speak. "Ah young Kirito, you have finally come. I'm sure you know why I summoned you here instead of Naruto-boy." Kirito had somewhat of an idea why he was brought here but only nodded to the great toad waiting to hear the rest. "There will be a great evil in the near future that will appear from the shadows. An evil so strong even Naruto-boy will be unable to stop it. Even your master Sasuke will be powerless against it as well." A shocked look came upon Kirito's face as he was surprised that there will be someone that strong that even Sasuke could not defeat. This enemy had to be very powerful for that to become true. "Upon Naruto and Sasuke's defeat the duty to stop this being will fall upon you, young Kirito. You must be the one to stop this man and bring peace back to the lands." Now Kirito was truly surprised that the duty had fallen upon him. Something that even Naruto and Sasuke could not do and he was expected to pull through where they had fallen. It was almost too much for him to understand. "However, at this current time that man's power is incomplete and is unable to show himself to anyone except those he plans to make his allies. So you do have some time to prepare."

    "So what happens to Lord Naruto and master Sasuke in the end of all this? Do they live or.." Kirito cut himself off as he knew the answer he just did not want to believe it in the end. Someone so strong that could take them both out of the picture when they fought off the originator of Chakra that was so strong no one but them could defeat. So much was happening in this moment and Kirito knew that at his current level he couldn't even hold up a burned out candle to Naruto and Sasuke. He needed to find a way to locate this person and put an end to this conflict before it even begins.

    "This fate is unavoidable unfortunately. Not only will he be strong he will have many followers who will stand behind him no matter what. Become stronger and understand your chakra and power better. You never know when this will happen." The elder toad then closed his eyes and only sighed. "That is all I have for you young one. Please do keep my words close to you at all times. It is your destiny to fight this man. Become strong Kirito for the sake of the world." All of the toads looked at Kirito with a look as if they were waiting for his answer.

    "I shall stand up and stop him from taking over the world with darkness. I must do it even though I no longer wish for battle or war. I guess everyone has to sacrifice sometimes." Kirito then opened his eyes and a third tamoe appeared in his eyes. This meant that his Sharingan had finally matured and began to reflect his true emotions. Emotions that wanted peace and no more fighting for reasons that could be resolved by peaceful talks. "My chakra is still fairly weak compared to most even my own peers. To stand up to such a foe I have much growing to do. Please do excuse me everyone, I must be getting back to the Village." Kirito bowed and walked off on his own through Mount Myoboku.

    Walking around he began to ponder on where his power really was. A man with an army of many nations behind him is going to take over the world and turn everything into darkness once again. Kirito was expected to face such a foe on his own and stop them. Everything was all happening at once and Kirito could barely wrap his head around all of it. "So much war and conflict over something so trivial is unforgivable. However he has not made his move yet so he is still innocent thus far. I must prepare quickly." He stood in a summoning circle where he could return to the Hidden Leaf waiting for it to activate. With this information on the future he couldn't warn Naruto or Sasuke as the Great Toad said it was unavoidable no matter what. So this was the fate that is being pushed on the new era after so many eras of war and senseless bloodshed. "I wonder if the Sage of the Six Paths had this much trouble during his era. Perhaps my answers lie within his life. I must find out more about him and his way of life." He now had a goal to achieve and find out more about the Sage of the Six Paths and no one better to ask than Naruto and Sasuke. To study his life he would be able to achieve what he needed to stop this fate from destroying the entire world. "I just hope Sasuke is back in the village already so I can get this information as quickly as possible. Maybe even travel and find him if I have to." After deciding everything that he was going to do the summoning circle activated. He vanished in a cloud of smoke and headed back to the village.

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