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    Strength in power


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    Strength in power

    Post by Blakdeath on Sat Jun 25, 2016 6:50 pm

    Finally arriving into the old training grounds he decided to do a quick check around for Kirito. Since the area was very quiet he was shocked to see that Kirito was not training at all. This was the perfect chance to master the use of this technique before he could appear. Taking a stance in the middle of an open field Hakaruto began to focus his chakra.

    Bringing his hands up to form the ram hand sign he began to focus on his chakra points within his body. This taijutsu technique is a breathing method that involves gathering large amounts of oxygen to increase lung capacity fourfold. This technique not only increases lung capacity but also offers the strength and speed similar to the eight inner gates. A technique where repercussions were unknown due to the developer only showing this technique to very few then vanishing out of the blue. His name was Shira, he was not skilled in the use of Ninjutsu nor Genjutsu so he was an outcast in the Hidden Sand due to these factors. He however was a very strong taijutsu user that rivaled even Rock Lee during a joint Chunin Exams that took place only a short year before the Fourth Shinobi War. It was after the Chunin Exam that he vanished while doing boarder control on the northern boarder of the Land of Wind.

    However now this technique was found and handed to Hakaruto before he came here to the hidden leaf. Intending to learn it to eliminate strong Taijutsu users from his path so he could move forward. Since Might Guy was removed from active service only Rock Lee posed a threat from the hidden leaf thus far. However his son Metal Lee would pose a future threat, this had to be foreseen. Despite them there was also the Hyuga Clan who was here in the hidden leaf as well as the Hokage's wife Hinata. All of those people would pose a threat to him and his plans in the future, he decided that once he became strong enough he would gain their trust and slaughter them all. Their fate was doomed to be the same as the Uchiha clan, decimated with very little survivors scattered everywhere. Hakaruto could barely hold in his excitement of his plot and had to let out a smile as he was gathering the power for this technique. After he would have to leave the village and start to build his army and eventually kill Naruto Uzumaki and take the Nine tails for himself. Afterwards it would be to kill Sasuke Uchiha as well as Sakura his wife. Both posed a huge threat to him as well as the previous and current Kage. All would end up either joining him or dying by his own hand.

    He began to give off a yellowish aura around him as he began to gather oxygen into his body. The technique made him feel like he could move around at top speed for hours maybe even a full day without being tired. Being careful not to overdo it and get hit with the after effects of the technique he slowed his pace on gathering oxygen. Keeping it at a minimum to allow his body to adjust to the fill. Keeping his breathing calm he was able to maintain this state without feeling like he was putting on too much. His pupils of his eyes then vanished leaving nothing but the whites of his eyes as his muscles began to expand. He started to become more muscular as his body began to grow larger and larger. With this much muscle mass he was wondering if he would even be able to move very much at all.

    Feeling as if the technique had achieved the first stage he stopped gathering Oxygen into his body. Clenching his fist he then began to attempt to move around with the power that he had gathered. First he started with his right arm, he clenched his fist and proceeded to punch around. To his surprise he was able to move fairly easily and fast as well. From this little experiment he gathered that with the mass of his muscle he was still able to move at a very fast pace. With this new information he determined he made the right decision learning this. It would come in handy when he had to make speedy assassinations to get in and out. Using this technique he could wipe out a small village or maybe a medium sized village within the matter of minutes. However he wanted to be able to move with stealth as well and not just speed and raw power. It was all about balance with his strength and weaknesses. Without this balance he wouldn't even be able to take on a simple average Chunin. To prevent this he had decided that after conditioning his Taijutsu with this technique he would complete his Byakugan. He also had to find out the true power behind this curse mark on his neck and perfect its use as well. Everything was starting to join together within himself, his goals were within reach.

    The technique finally wore off and Hakaruto stood there with his normal body mass and his pupils had returned. Taking a deep breath he then stood there looking at the sky with a grin on his face. "Where Madara Uchiha has failed to achieve the perfect world, I shall step up and show the past powerhouses how peace is truly achieved." He aimed to overpower someone like Madara Uchiha and make peace in the world but by going through darkness. All of Madara's actions from the Fourth Shinobi War offered up much to Hakaruto. When it comes to planning and executing his goals he always achieved better than most.

    Taking some steps back out into the open he could only think about how he was going to move forward. He then sensed someone coming into the area that he was in. Trying to use his Byakugan he couldn't see the chakra of the person but could see who it was. "So he is coming this way. I guess I better hurry this along." He hated the idea that Kirito was on his way here. That kid always felt like a thorn in his side since he first met him and even fought him briefly. For someone who was fresh out of the academy back then his eyes were powerful then but now Hakaruto had the Byakugan and could gain the upper hand. With the new technique incomplete still he had to finish learning its use before Kirito could get here. He quickly took the stance to activate the technique to begin practicing with it.

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