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    The Priest On His Crusade



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    The Priest On His Crusade

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    Character Information

    Name: Alexander Anderson

    Nicknames: "Paladin," "Bayonet", 'Angel Dust", "Assassin", "Regenerator", "Judas Priest", "Father of Death."

    Age: 64

    Gender: Male

    Place of Birth: Konohagakure

    Date of Birth: 1/2


    Alexander Anderson has short, spiky blond hair, green eyes, a heavy-set squared jaw, and constant stubble. He also has a large, wedge-shaped scar on his left cheek. He is lean with broad shoulders as well as very tall, nearing 7 feet. He wears round glasses, a large grey cassock with a white trim and blue interior, black pants, black boots, a black shirt with a blue trim, a clerical collar, white gloves, and a silver cross around his neck. On his gloves, there are inscriptions written across the crosses drawn on the back. The right hand says "Jesus Christ is in Heaven". The left hand says "Speak with the Dead".

    Height 6'10"

    Weight 213 lbs

    Personality: Alexander Anderson is an ardent Catholic. He carries an obsession for what appears to be his "crusade," and compulsively speaks in religious-like language. He is extremely determined to achieve his end, usually by whatever means necessary. His words and his constant quoting of scripture indicate a clear, almost fanatical obedience towards "the word of God". He has intense faith and views others who do not believe in his God as "heretics" and enemies. He especially hates the ninja monks of the Fire Temple and the Jashinists. Anderson tells the young that they should only engage in violence against "monsters and non-believers," and is glad of nearly any situation in which enemies of his religion are threatened. Anderson resents global domination held by a non-member and states that it is his mission to kill unbelievers.
    Despite his heavy devotion to his God, Anderson bathes in battle and so when confronting a strong enemy or a certain target, he will ignore his true mission and engage in battle.

    In battle, he is merciless and extremely determined to wound his enemies, often tanking attacks due to his abilities. He has a habit of hissing during fights, and often loses all control of himself much like Alucard. Even so, he can stop himself and focus on his mission. He shows a greater sense of morality in the treatment of those under his care or supervision, especially those younger than him.
    There are known to be two sides of Anderson. One is normally appearing as a calm and collected priest; he works at an orphanage and acts very kindly towards the children under his care. He also displays complex respect for bravery and motivation. The other side is more dominant, appearing as a psychotic killer who fights on the behalf of God and doing all his kind to eliminate all the evil in the world. Both sides are intelligent, knowledgable, and asseses the situation during non-combat. Anderson will do all he can to protect the Catholic sanctuary located within the Shinobi World. For his ultimate enemy, he will show respect to.

    As wise as he is and being aware of the unique purity that is humanity, Anderson has only one personal goal. He wishes to be neither "human or devil, but a massive tornado of utter destruction and piety." His link with divine judgement gives him the will to conquer all enemies in his way.

    Likes: Christianity, His God, Faith, Protecting the Vatican, and raising young Christians.

    Dislikes: Non-Christian religions, Heretics and non-believers, those who betray God's word, those who are mad with power, anyone or anything that threatens the future of Christianity or his God.

    Birth: The Beginning of a Warrior
    Born in the Land of Fire, Anderson was raised to be a strict Catholic from the very beginning. Baptized three days after birth, Anderson grew up with two brothers and sisters as the second eldest. He loved and placed his faith in God as well as accepting him into his life. He was frequently chosen to read the Bible in front of his church and could memorize a good amount of it. At 7 years old, Anderson first began to train in Kenjutsu and also promised to use the sword to fight for his God. He entered the Academy at that same age and took 5 years to graduate though it's mainly because of Anderson's reluctances and hesitations to follow Shinobism.

    Genin: Fighting for God
    At age 12, Anderson went on to join a three-man cell with a Jounin (though his coorperation with them was limited since all of them were non-believers). Anderson completed the intermediate level of swordsmanship and could go on trips with his teacher Father Abraham to hunt down non-ninja heretics who were robbing Christian stores and burning them. With his skill in Kenjutsu followed by Ninjutsu knowledge, Anderson vigorously slaughtered multiple squads of opposers.. all for his God. Hailed as a warrior prodigy by Father Abraham, he kept his eyes on Anderson to see if he's qualified to make it into Iscariot. Anderson undertook heavy Taijutsu training to build up his body's strength, durability, and resistance to natural corrosion. A most notable trait that he gained from body training would be pain tolerance, which helped him to tank the Chunin Exams.

    Chunin: The Iscariot Section 13
    At age 13, Anderson was promoted to Chunin and also mastered some of the advanced teachings in the art of kenjutsu. However, at this time, Anderson was recruited by Father Abraham to join the Vatican's secret branch; Section 13 also known as the Iscariot organization for his strict trust as a Catholic and intense fighting capabilities. He barely passed through all of the tasks and tests that Iscariot threw at him for being a member, but officially became an Iscariot agent. Anderson's swords were replace by pure silver bayonets and was taught Iscariot's Kenjutsu. As an agent of Iscariot, Anderson made a plee to exterminate all evil in the world and began hunting down low-level missing nin. At age 14, Anderson mastered Kenjutsu and was able to go toe-on-toe with any enemy of equal rank. And thus, Anderson's signature fighting style and battle cry started from his fights with Iscariot's targets. His love in his place for iscariot also forwarded his love towards his God and Christian faith.

    Jounin: The Assassin, the Minion of Death
    At age 17, Anderson became a Jounin and a fully recognized member of Iscariot. He is now entrusted with the organziation's secrets and teachings. He realized that Iscariot's true way is the only way to make God appreciate his followers. Anderson was an "assassin" and "minion of death" that demolishes all that stands in God's way and the spread of Christianity. He had advanced skill and mastery in Kenjutsu as well as possessing an incredibly strong body. Years of natural skill and Taijutsu refined Anderson's accuracy, strength, speed, stamina, and endurance. He took on actual dangerous missing-nin.

    ANBU: Regenerator
    At age 28, Anderson joined Konoha's ANBU Black Ops. He recieved new bayonets, learned new Ninjutsu, and also created his own jutsus. He also achieved priesthood and was allowed to preach and teach in the Christian churches. As an ANBU, his talent in assassination was unrivaled among his peers and he developed new skills and styles as he went on more missions. But more importantly in Anderson's ANBU era would be six years later when he was just 34, Iscariot successfully perfected a new technology. This technology came to be the source of Anderson's regeneration ability. Although it's regeneration created through scientific engineering, the one that Iscariot developed was so advanced that it surpassed any known bio-technology and is classified to be "supernatural." Anderson became the first test subject of this new product. He viewed it as God's "divine gift" and the Iscariot heads implanted it into Anderson's body, which quickly adapted to his brain and daily functions. As a regenerator, Anderson would be able to maintain his body at a youthful stage and he would look like he was in his late 30s while still being several decades older than that in actuality.

    Current: Father Alexander Anderson
    Today, he is known as "Father Anderson," and the most widely known priest in Konohagakure as he served as an elder preacher for more than 30 years. Now in his 60s, his body has barely aged three years and can fight as so. As a master in Kenjutsu and Iscariot's jutsu followed by his non-completely human body, Anderson is serving as an elder Jounin, retired ANBU, and Iscariot's top agent who has hunted down more than a hundred ninja rouges.

    Ninja ID

    Village: Konohagakure

    Rank: Jounin

    element: Wind, Fire

    Nindo: To push on and eradicate all the sins on this Earth

    Skills: Kenjutsu, Ninjutsu.  (Fuuinjutsu, Weaponry)


    Bayonets (Blessed and Hardened Steel, Pure Silver, Explosive) (x4, x20, x10)
    Explosive Tags (x50)
    Scripture Pages (x35)
    Blank Paper Notes (x20)
    The Bible (x1)
    x1 Chain (30 meters long)

    Fighting Styles: Advanced Bayonet Combat/Priest Sword Art.

    All Academy E-ranks, Shunshin no Jutsu (D-S), Walking on Surface/Water Technique, Kai ~ Release

    Name: Flying Gales
    Rank: C
    Element: Wind
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Range: -
    Description: Fuuton: Koukuu Reppuu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. Anderson will focus wind chakra upon an object and is able to manipulate the air currents and pressure around that object's own space to alter and control its movements. He can launch them into the air without throwing them and freely guide its path upon being launched, allowing the object to fly around and make it easier for it to hit its target from a corner. Anderson is allowed to manipulate the object's motion within a 25 meter periemter using the wind chakra. He is also able to accelerate the speed of the object by a moderate rate, to the point that it has so much force that it appears like a blur and that the very air around it can shatter nearby fragile things.

    Name: Sharpened Wheel
    Rank: C
    Element: Wind
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Range: Close
    Description: Fuuton: Hyojin Kuruma is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. The user will focus wind chakra upon an object to increase that object's sharpness in propotion to the amount of wind chakra used. As the user can control the object, namely a blade,'s sharpness by altering the amount of chakra, it allows the user more ease in piercing through objects. Attack speed may also be increased by a moderate rate.

    Name: Great Breakthrough
    Rank: C
    Element: Wind
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Range: Close
    Description: Fuuton: Daitoppa is a Ninjutsu technique which utilizes the Wind Element. This is a relatively simple technique that creates a sudden gust of wind, but its scale varies greatly depending on the user. If used by a superior shinobi, it has enough destructive power to knock down a large tree. The wind from the squall can blow away all things in the user's line of sight.

    Name: Wind Cutter Technique
    Rank: B
    Element: Wind
    Skill: Ninjutsu
    Range: Close-Long
    Description: Fuuton • Kazekiri no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. To utilize this technique, the ANBU member will form the needed hand seal. A large slicing wind will then be created which can cut through his opponent. This can be used to immobilize large summons.

    Name: Gale Wind Palm
    Rank: C
    Element: Wind
    Range: Close-Mid
    Description: Fuuton • Reppushou is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Wind Element. After forming the needed hand seals, the user will send a strong gust of wind towards their target. When acting in conjunction with another thrown weapon, the wind can increase its power and deadliness.

    Name: Expulsion
    Rank: C-S
    Element: Fire
    Skill: NInjutsu
    Range: CLose
    Description: Katon: Houchiku is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Fire element. By channeling fire chakra into an object, Anderson can give that object explosive properties. The blast radius and power varies depending on the amount of chakra but at minimum, it'll be at the level of an average exploding tag (C1). He can make it explode remotely on his command or time it. At B-rank level it'll be the power and radius of ten explosive tags attached to each other, at A-rank it will be at C2, and at S-rank it will be at the level of three C2's. Certain properties that the object may have can also increase the effects of the explosions.

    Name: Call for Justice
    Rank: B
    Element: N/A
    Range: Ninjutsu
    Description: Sho no Koudou is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by Anderson. A "complete" form of the Shunshin no Jutsu, this technique is a teleportation technique in which one uses scripture pages with the "Body Flicker" tag on them to surround him in a twister-like fashion and envelop him until he "vanishes." Then the pages will head off to the designated location to which Anderson wants to reappear in. Anderson blends in with the pages to fulfill the technique though even if one of the pages were harmed, he will not be and will just materialize from those pages. Unless all of the pages are destroyed, then Anderson will be killed in the process. Upon reaching the destination, Anderson will manifest again. This type of teleportation isn't as fast as the normal Shunshin technique but is still faster than the Body Flame version. The range of teleportation is 35 meters though the range can be extended to wherever the intended destination is if Anderson decides to stay mixed with the pages but the speed of the teleportation will be severely downplayed to the point that it's absolutely easy to notice the pages even if they aren't looking at the direction they're coming from and chakra would have to be constantly consumed.

    Name: God Barrier
    Rank: A
    Element: N/A
    Range: 25 meters
    Description: Kami no Kekkei is a barrier Ninjutsu technique utilized by Anderson. Using scripture pages with the "Barrier" tag on them, Anderson can affix those pages onto surfaces and a powerful barrier will be generated from those pages with a maximum 25 meters perimeter and the bottom surface of the barrier would be just an inch below the ground.. Everything within the barrier cannot exit it through physical means including chakra, as the barrier is extremely solid and acts like a wall. The only way to remove it is to remove one of the pages that is holding it or if it's cancelled by Anderson himself. But to remove the pages would be an external action since the pages are excluded from the barrier. The barrier exists as long as the things that holds it up is intact except when it's invisible (to the naked eye) surface is hitted by a physical chakra attack, the barrier will only last for ten posts.

    Name: Cross
    Rank: B
    Element: N/A
    Range: Close
    Description: Kousa is a Ninjutsu technique utilized by Anderson. Anderson will channel his chakra to scripture pages to manipulate them and guide them through the motion as if they were telekinetically controlled. Anderson will use bundles of these pages thickened with chakra to tangle the target's arms and legs to bind it and hold it in place, restricting their movements. Anderson can form a cross of the pages to fulfill his "punishment" as the target can't individually counter and he will deal the final blow.

    Name: Blade Shadow Clone Technique
    Rank: C
    Element: N/A
    Range: -
    Description: Ken no Kage Shuriken no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique developed by Anderson. Fashioned from the Shadow Clone Technique but applied on the same principle as the Shuriken Shadow Clone, Anderson will duplicate his bayonets by ten-fold. The duplicated bayonets are exactly like the original, possessing the same properties and effects and cannot be distinguished from the original in any way. Compared Since clones of material objects are more resilient than normal shadow clones, the bayonets are real and equally lethal. Anderson will not be in any shortage of bayonets with this technique. Anderson can also produce more bayonets at a time than the usual maximum ten bayonets. At B-rank, he can produce 20, at A-rank, he can produce 35, and at S-rank, he can produce 50. This can also be applied upon objects of similiar size.

    Name: Summoning Technique
    Rank: C
    Element: N/A
    Range: -
    Description: Kuchiyose no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique that allows the user to summon an animal or type of species that they have an affinity to aid them in battle. A lesser version can also be used to summon ninja weapons that are stored in seals.

    Priest Sword Art:

    Name: One Slash
    Rank: B
    Element: N/A
    Range: Close
    Description: Ikkokizu is a Kenjutsu technique utilized by Anderson. Focusing all of his strength onto swinging a blade down right on a target with quick speed, the speed and efficiency of the downward slash motion will completely cut the target vertically in two halves. Though, it can be easily blocked by a hard defense or a weapon wielded by someone with equivalent strength.

    Name: Two Slashes
    Rank: B
    Element: N/A
    Range: Close
    Description: Sokizu is a Kenjutsu technique utilized by Anderson. With a bayonet in each hand, Anderson will quickly swing his blades toward a vulnerable spot in multiple targets' body. The blinding high speed that this is done will be a flash upon the target near Anderson because Anderson usually aim for the neck area, effectively decapicitating the targets in his way.

    Name: Pacify Light
    Rank: C
    Element: N/A
    Range: Close-Long
    Description: Nadameruhi is a Kenjutsu technique utilized by Anderson. Anderson will throw a bundle of bayonets with all of his might that the blades appear like beams of light and travels as a blur to the naked eye. Contact with these blades when thrown so violently is particularly dangerous and quite lethal especially if it's direct and all pierces through, which would fell the victim and render them incapable of getting back up. Though the lethality of the blades depend on Anderson's accuracy. The blades can be thrown from quite a long distance though the closer the target is, the less likely they will be able to dodge much less see them coming. Anderson can throw these blades while they're between his fingers as if they were like claws.

    Name: Angel Dust
    Rank: B
    Element: N/A
    Range: Close-Long
    Description: Tenshijin is a Kenjutsu technique utilized by Anderson. Anderson will use a type of extension such as a chain or chakra-coated scripture pages and attach it to the hilt of his bayonets. This long range-capable technique allows Anderson to fight off multiple assailants who are all surrounding and closing in on him. He can counter simultaneous attacks from multiple directions while still being able to reach and harm his enemies, providing a defensive and offensive move. Anderson will simply grip onto the extension while swinging it around so his bayonets can attack while Anderson is distanced away. The speed, length, and force used allows Anderson, once he finds weak points, to literally cut his opponents into several dozen pieces and reduce them to nothing but gruesome remains on a puddle of blood, decimating them like dust.

    Name: Smite
    Rank: S
    Element: N/A
    Range: Close
    Description: Akuwokorasu is a Kenjutsu technique utilized by Anderson. While launching himself into the air above the target, Anderson will launch down a direct blade attack down the target's skull and stab into their brain, where he can then proceed to vertically bi-sect the victim in half as he drops down.

    Name: Divine Punishment
    Rank: C
    Element: N/A
    Range: Close
    Description: Tenken is a Kenjutsu technique utilized by Anderson. Used as a simple, finishing blow that would be fatal, Anderson will simply use two bayonets - one in each hand, to behead an opponent. He will cross his swords in a diagonal manner to form a "X" shape and upon reaching the target, he will simply release all blades to neatly decapicitate the opponent, ending their life. It's of course best to do this when the target is immobolized in some way or cannot counter.

    Name: Parry
    Rank: D
    Element: N/A
    Range: Close
    Description: Cho is a simple Kenjutsu technique in which the user counters with a blade to stop a sudden, quick, or heavy attack.

    Name: Sound
    Rank: D
    Element: N/A
    Range: Close
    Description: Hibiki is a Kenjutsu technique in which the user deals a quick attack at a point in the target(s)'s body using a blade with one hand.

    Name: Death's Minion
    Rank: C
    Element: N/A
    Range: Close
    Description: Shikeihai is a Kenjutsu technique utilized by Anderson. Anderson will launch two bayonet strikes upon each hand of the target and stick them to a surface, removing the target's ability to move their hands and arms as well as their movements and ability to escape. If needed, Anderson can also stab the target's legs or feet. After doing this, Anderson can finish his enemy off by using the Divine Punishment technique.

    Name: Counter-Revolve
    Rank: C
    Element: N/A
    Range: Close
    Description: Tentomau is a Kenjutsu technique utilized by Anderson. This is a basic counteraction movement in which when Anderson is attacking an opponent that is behind him or reacting to a behind attack, he will simply shift a side of him back towards the attacker and launch blade strikes towards the target. Continuously training and using this technique can refine one's reflexes.

    Name: Explosive Guidance Chain
    Rank: A
    Element: N/A (Fire)
    Range: Close-Long
    Description: Bakuyudou Rensa is a Kenjutsu technique utilized by Anderson. Anderson will use a long chain that has attached to it a row of multiple explosive bayonets and launch it near the enemy. He will then activate all of them by pulling the chain back even if it's just a little, releasing all of the bayonets and instantly triggering a large explosion in which each explosive bayonet represents C2 level blast radius and power. This is a very versatile technique, as Anderson can also use his Explusion technique to give bayonets explosive properties as well as simply throwing them until they reach their target and then activate the explosion through chakra. This is effective when Anderson is dealing with a multitude of targets such as an army of fighters.

    Ability Information
    Organization: Iscariot

    Kekkei Genkai: Bio-Regeneration ~ Baio Saisei
    As the greatest warrior in the Iscariot Division of the Vatican also known as Section 13, Anderson is granted the organization's special bionanotechnology. The thing that Anderson is granted from this bionanotechnology is regeneration. However, this regeneration is high-level and rapid, almost to the point of supernatural and often confused as divine. Anderson can regenerate lost body parts and heal himself quickly, allowing him to recover from and shrug off nearly any kind of damage. Claimed by Anderson himself to be the "divine gift of God" and him being called "not human" because of it, Anderson can heal from any damage except those that directly damages the brain, heart, or decapicitation. Attacks that can halt even the strongest of medical ninjutsu will also affect the regeneration process. Anderson can heal what would be minor wounds within two posts, moderate wounds within four posts, and major wounds such as entire limb loss or damage to certain organs would take six posts.

    As a byproduct of his regeneration, Anderson is granted an extended lifespan and serious halting of aging. He maintains a youthful body and appearance of when he first got this regeneration ability and his fighting prowess also reflects the freshness of the body as he can fight as if he was in his 30s when he's in his 60s. As such, his physical capabilities are not affected by age. Thanks to this healing, Anderson is incredibly durable and can endure large amounts of pain and heavy damage that would normally kill your average human.

    weapon: Bayonets, katanas, guns

    History: Section 13, Iscariot has existed within the secret branches of the Vatican for several centuries; beginning during the rising of the shinobi era before any ninja village was started. It's a top-secret division and in official documents, it is not supposed to exist. They follow Christianity and are charged with the extermination of blacklisted beings. They work on dealing with missing ninja and targeted people that are listed by the people in the Vatican. Serving as a world-wide Hunter-Nin squad, Iscariot's goal is to eliminate all of the evil and sins of the world at any cost. Iscariot originated from Judas Iscariot, the apostle who betrayed Jesus Crist and thus this section is dedicated to him. They were division of a new religion in which back then when the ninja villages were just starting, they weren't popular. Because of the Way of the Shinobi that served as a prominent "religion" as well as the Way of the Samurai, they were only just as popular as Jashinism who served as their bitter rival from the very beginning. However, decades they gradually grew, and today in modern terms, they are a massive cult in which over 10 million people are dedicated to and just 150,000 are serving in the branches of the Vatican. Today, Iscariot has about 7000 agents and their goal has not changed, with the only addition being the eradication of Jashinists and other heretical religions. Iscariot is also situated for engaging in genetic engineering and other advanced technologies to fulfill its purpose and to create greater weapons with which to combat its enemies. An example of this would be their top agent Alexander Anderson's regeneration and is one of the leading organizations today on advanced science and technology. Iscariot has a sacred duty to do battle with the "seven million, four hundred and five thousand, nine hundred and twenty-six demons of hell".

    The Nail of Helena
    Rank: S (Forbidden/Restricted)
    Appearance: A golden, ancient nail (looks like a spike)
    History/Description: The Nail of Helena is one of the nails that was blessed by Rikudou Sennin's blood. Over centuries, it has been recovered by the Iscariot Organization and carried on for use in Armageddon, or in any final wars.
    Powers/Abilities: The nail carries an extremely holy aura and a very powerful chakra presence (almost like a living thing). Stabbing one's self in the heart with this will render the user immortal and make them a "monster of God." The user turns immortal, and will not age regardless of how much time passes. They also have a very high regeneration factor, able to heal from decapicitation, having their limbs torn and ripped apart, their head blowing off, major/fatal wounds, etc. The only thing they can't regenerate is their heart. When extensive damage is done to the heart, where the nail is stabbed and the source of power is, their power ceases and they die. Removal of the nail from the heart also causes their power to cease and the user to die.
    The user's speed and strength are considerably increased. They can casually cut through solid carbon-diamond and even material harder than that. In Anderson's case, his attack speed with his bayonets skyrocket, as swinging his sword can blitz anyone who doesn't have the fastest reaction time in the world if they're within his range.
    They have very high superhuman endurance, as they can take any pain and damage to their body. Their durability is also noticabely increased, as their body gets harder, stronger, and tougher so they're more resilient against attacks. They obtain peak superhuman stamina, and can fight on endlessly. Their chakra levels increase by a large amount.
    The user generates spiky, large thorns from their body. These thorns/vines are huge and can extend up to a city block. They can entangle, wrap around, and injure targets. This gives the user and the thorns the appearance of a plant monster.
    The user can generate a very powerful, supernatural, holy fire from the thorns. This fire will roast and incinerate anything that the thorns are touching. It's incredibly hot. The fire specifically targets any evil, unholy, or demonic/satanic presences. The fire burns away all humans and objects that do not have a connection to the Rikudou Sennin (such as Sharingan users, uchiha, Senju, Rinnegen users, and Jinchuruki/Bijuu).

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    Re: The Priest On His Crusade

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    Matthew 28:19. "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit"

    A dark faceless figure entered into the holy chapel. Only his hunched, shrouded outline, blackened features, and glowing blue eyes could be seen as the monster in the form of a man approached the man of God. The words "Our Father in Heaven..." could be heard, as the prayer for forgiveness of all sins came to an end. The man who was praying, Father Renaldo, turned around to see the approaching figure. "Father Anderson", he greeted.

    Alas, the figure's features came into light as all the dramatic effect to make him look mysterious and badass was pulled away. He stood tall, with blonde hair, blue spectacles, stubble of hair around his chin, and a proud scarred face. His heavy clerical attire was also his battle outfit.

    "Ah,  Father. A pleasant evening to see you here. I hope I did not disturb your worship to the good Lord", Anderson said. Alexander Anderson. One of the most well-known priests in the country, and also one of the Vatican's most dangerous assassin-warriors. Stationed in Konohagakure as a Jounin, he dealt with a variety of heretics, including other religious affiliates and corrupted criminals.

    "No, no, Father Anderson. I was just about done. You seem quite joyous today, don't you?" he asked.

    "Why, of course! There is not a day where Our Maker does not smile upon! The radiance of the sun lights up my daily mood. Truly, his Greatness could be felt by us - poor, rich, old, and young".

    Renaldo replied with a big warm smile. He liked Anderson's friendliness and sociability, which was very popular with the young Christian children too. Had he himself not been a member of the Iscariot Division, he would never have believed the overzealous crusader that lied within this man's heart. It was quite obvious that Anderson had something done to him, too. Obviously a senior man from his aging white hair, Renaldo was in his mid 60s. He knew Anderson was too, yet there is not a shred of crippled gray or frail white on any surface of his body. The man looked several decades younger than what his years would imply, while still retaining a sense of experience and manliness.

    "I am so glad that you are the one who cherishes our young orphans. No doubt your faith has given them hope and will to become part of God's vast family", he said.

    A wind blew from the open doors of the chapel and brushed against the bottom of Anderson's cassock coat, making it flap. Blown from the floor is dust scattered across the church, which illuminated in the sunlight like angels.

    "Oh, bless ya. Y'are far too kind, Renaldo. If only our kids AND Iscariot had more men like ya", he said.

    Renaldo smiled before his expression shifted into something more serious. "About the kids..." he began. Anderson leaned in close, his generous smile turning into a serious, attentive demeanor. "We have received word lately that some of them are being harassed by a bunch of heretics while they're out playing. They've been called 'fanatics', 'papists', 'bastards', 'devils', and dare I say, 'god's bitches", he informed.

    Anderson nodded with a look of understanding and compassion. "This is ah serious problem", said Anderson. "Our kids should grow up better than that".

    Renaldo kept his voice into an all-time low: "Indeed, Alex. Which is what we should do well to get rid of this offense to our Church as soon as possible. Make the will of the Creator known".

    Anderson looked up, closed his eyes, and flashed a big happy smile at Renaldo. "Don't worry, Father. It's just a bunch of stoopid heretics running about and bullying innocent children. I'll take care of it".

    Renaldo returned the smile. "I can always count on you, Father. May you serve God well. Amen", he said. "Amen", Anderson replied. Anderson's face once more turned into a black shadow with nothing but his blue spectacles visible. He turned and walked away with the same hunched posture. Renaldo watched as the hulking figure closed the elderly doors behind him. He could have sworn that he heard Anderson mumbling something as he walked out. Something along the lines of "And may He forgive me for my sins..."

    Intense laughter rattled the air. Three men in their early 20s stood on the other side of the face, snickering and pointing at the clusters of Christian orphan children standing on the other side. The children remained quiet, but a few seemed to have eyes that were a bit wet. The men went on with their humorous party, chortling out the word "bigot" before Anderson could be seen walking down the fields. All the children turned and saw him, radiating under the heavens. He looked at each child's face and smiled at them. Their moods brightened up instantly.

    Anderson stopped just a foot away from the fence, and the men were still laughing. Finally, their comical concert declined and their attitude turned into something more sober. Anderson began: "Good evening, gentlemen. What can I do for yah today under God's beautiful sky?" he asked. One of the boys said, "Go back inside your synagogue or mosque or whatever preacher. We're just passing by. Religious folk are all about peace and all, right?"
    "I am sure that no harm shall befall those who live in the Kingdom of God. I hope you three have safe travel to your home", said Anderson as he turned away and walked back. "Oh yes. Please do stay away from our children. We are afraid of molesters these days", he warned.
    "Aren't you the ones who are raping them?!" one of the boys shot back. The other two giggled instantly. Anderson stopped abruptly when those words pierced his ears.

    He slowly turned around, drawing six silver bayonets from the confines of his sleeves. "What? You gonna scare us with those you religious fuc'" In a single flash, three streaks of silver passed right by them. Had they not been blitzed by the sheer instant it happened, they would have felt the pain immediately. A few seconds later, it registered with them. Something warm trickled down the side of their cheek before a sharp pain hit their body. The boys yelled in horror as they clamped their ears, only to find that it was no longer there. Instead, the auditory flesh had been ripped away by the blade, which is not stuck in a tree branch a dozen meters behind the boys. Anderson had cut off their ears.

    "Thou who don't listen to the words of a man of God do not deserve to live in God's paradise. In Heaven or Earth, those who cannot be converted shall be thrown into the pits of Hell where they will be ravaged by 'ol Lucifer. Yer bloody heretics better watch out or else I'm gonna shove my holy swords up yer arses!" The boys immediately ran away, crying for help. Anderson held onto his bayonets and smiled devilishly at the fleeing boys.



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    Re: The Priest On His Crusade

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    1 Peter 5:8 - Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

    Name: Arucard

    Nicknames: Akado, Count Barloth, No-Life King, Lord of Horror.

    Age: 546

    Gender: Male

    Place of Birth: Land of Skulls

    Date of Birth: 2/13



    Height: 6'8"

    Village:  N/A

    Rank: S-class Missing Nin [Kage Level], Wanderer, Vampire King.

    Element: Fire, Earth

    Skills: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Fuuinjutsu, Weaponry, Kenjutsu.

    Clan: Arucard's Bloodline

    Kekkei Genkai: Supreme Vampire Essence

    Description: Arucard's abilities are listed here:

    Immortality: This ability is rather ambiguous, as Arucard himself has stated that immortality is a myth. However, what it most likely refers to is the human souls inside Alucard; it has been speculated that, when damaged with exceedingly holy weapons or a blow that might have killed or incapacitated him, is instead directed to his reservoir of souls. Even so, he is ageless and eternal and thus, does not age nor is he affected by aging.

    Regeneration: Arucard's ability to regenerate is considerably greater than most beings, and may be due to the shinobi's Bijuu experimentation. He has regenerated from a pool of blood and from being blown to shreds by projectiles, incinerated completely, etc. When damaged to an extreme extent, his body simply turns into a shadow-like substance that cannot be touched and reconstitutes.

    Superhuman Accuracy: Arucard has been known to hit targets at great range using projectiles and jutsu while looking the other way. He does this by using his so called 'third eye'. He states that "if you aim like humans do, you'll only miss like they do.".

    Superhuman Strength: As a vampire, Arucard can physically rip humans and vampires apart with ease. He is able to harden and expand his body parts to the point that it can easily rip through solid uranium.

    Superhuman Speed: He can move faster than can be normally seen, even to the most dilligent observers. He can move great distances that he appears as a blur.

    Superhuman Reflexes: Arucard's reaction speed allows him to detect, react, and catch extremely fast-moving objects (to the extent of even above Mach Speed) with his own body parts such as the hands or even the mouth.

    Intangibility: The extent is limited, as Arucard can only pass through inanimate objects that are not moving such as a wall.

    Superhuman Agility: The ability to defy gravity to a limit. He is able to leap impossible distances and can go up vertical surfaces. While running, he can manuever properly.

    Shape-shifting: Arucard can transform himself or parts of himself into bats, insects, snakes, hell hounds, other human forms including a little girl, an amorphous mass of darkness, and many other forms. Alucard has four known human forms, each with different characteristics and weapons. He can change his body into a controlled mass of his unique shadow matter in which he is essentially untouchable and incapable of being damaged. He also states that his form means nothing and that he can take any form that he chooses.

    Telekinesis: Arucard uses telekinesis to close a door as well as guiding those who has lost balance (such as being in mid-air) or those who have a weak body through objects and into a specific area. Arucard is able to move a broken down ship from the Land of Water to the Land of Fire in just one hour. Arucard can only use his telekinetic ability once and then there is a ten post interval before he can use it again.

    Telepathy: Alucard can speak telepathically to those that had their blood sucked by him.

    Mind Control and Hypnosis: Arucard's hypnotic power allows him to subdue the mind and implant mental orders of weak-willed opponents. This is best used against those who express great fear or nervousness against Arucard as their mind is most vulnerable. Chunin and above are not affected by Chunin must fight it off first.

    Summoning: The ability to summon familiars, the souls of those whose blood he has sucked in a variety of forms that either sprout from his body or swarm around him as an army numbering in the thousands. These familiars can also include animals such as horses and the weapons and abilities that the familiars possessed in life, but Alucard can only use this ability when control art restriction system level zero is released. Arucard has a grand total of 2342 souls in his body.  

    Blood Sucking: The ability to suck a person's blood and absorb their soul and, consequently, their knowledge and memories. He can also absorb blood through his clothes and skin. Arucard is able to use a mass version of blood sucking, such as drawing in and absorbing all of the blood within a village-scale to him.

    Hibernation: Arucard is able to survive long periods of time without consuming blood, but is able to fight at a usual level of strength after drinking even the smallest bit of blood.

    Immunity to Vampire Weaknesses: As the most developed vampire, his abilities and health are not in any way compromised by such things as sunlight, silver, or blessed equipment. In fact, it appears that the only obvious weapon capable of harming him to any real extent are the most holy artifacts.

    Control Art Restriction System:
    Unique to only Arucard himself, after coming into contact with numerous shinobi forces that were able to capture him and use him for experimentation, a restriction system was placed upon him that would restrict and control his powers and abilities. This not only helps keeping Arucard mentally tamed and capable and also prevents him from going on a rampage to destroying an entire village, but it gradually helps build up his chakra and refines his currently existing abilities. After those who were capable of controlling Arucard died, control over the system was passed on to him himself. He can unlock the restriction levels through a special incantation where he says "Releasing Control Art Restriction Systems (and then the number of the levels he wishes to release while counting down), approval of Situation (Letter of "Risk" Factor) recognized. Commencing the Cromwell invocation. Ability restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy has been rendered silent."
    Releasing levels three and two would be a Situation "B" risk factor, releasing level one would be a Situation "A" risk factor, and releasing to level 0 would be a Situation "X" or "S" risk factor. The incantation is not necessarily for levels three to one but it is necessary for level 0. Also, a special handseal is required while releasing the levels including Level 0. This seal not only restricts part of Alucard's abilities but also his chakra levels and chakra control.

    Level 3/No Release: This is the most controlled and restrained of Arucard's forms and is thus his "weakest" and has his powers restricted the most. His default form, Arucard will appear fully dressed in his hat, sunglasses, coat, his hair withdrawn, and the like. Even in this form, Arucard's physical state can rival that of average Jounin. Able to go toe-to-toe with rookie Jounin-level Taijutsu experts, Arucard can easily rip through human and vampiric skin and flesh, decimating their bodies entirely. His great strength is attained in that he can lift heavy objects. His mass blood-sucking ability, familiar summoning ability, hypnosis ability, and superhuman speed/agility/reflexes are restricted. Arucard's chakra level is 220.


    Level 2: This is the form that's activated when Arucard removes his hat and sunglasses. In this form, his coat might loosen a little as well and his hair might be extended and allowed to flow to its full and long length. Arucard is able to rival Jounin, even high-level ones, and can go toe-to-toe with any Jounin Taijutsu specialist. His mass blood-sucking ability and familiar summoning ability are restricted. Arucard's chakra level is 280.


    Level 1: This is the form that's activated when Arucard removes his hat, sunglasses, coat, any other external layer of clothing, and his hair will flow to its fullest and longest length. In this form, Arucard's black leather straight jacket outfit will appear, revealing his true nature. This is a truly fearsome form as it's Arucard's second strongest and also near its least restricted. Arucard can easily rip through other beings as well as most metals, including uranium. He is able to rival Kage-level shinobi and can match nearly any Taijutsu specialist, including those using Hachimon (up to 4th gate). His familiar summoning ability are restricted. Arucard's chakra level is 300.


    Level 0: This is the form where Arucard's appearance and clothing changes entirely, reverting to his "human" form more than 5 centuries ago. In this form he appeared as an adult with a thick beard and mustache. He also wore heavy, silver, medieval armor with a huge tattered, blood-red cloak and carried a broad sword. This is Arucard's most strongest, most fearsome, and the least controlled/restrainted state. All restrictions on Arucard's powers are removed, allowing him full access to his most devastating and forbidden abilities. He is able to rival any being that has walked the earth and can match those that are even above Kage-level. He can penetrate through nearly anything as his greatest strength allows him to even rip through diamond. Physically, he is able to go toe-to-toe with masters in the physical arts, including those using Hachimon (up to the 6th gate). In this form, all of his abilities are allowed and so his familiar summoning ability is able to be accessed. Using this, he will remove of all of the souls inside of him and manifest all of them in the physical realm as mindless familiars. Each familiar possess the same physical powers and abilities they had in life despite their slightly zombie-like appearance and their minds are controlled by Arucard to be a slave. In this case, Arucard actually becomes mortal but becomes extremely powerful, stronger than ever. His regeneration is drastically increased to the point that Arucard cannot be killed unless he has suffered tremendously major damage such as being destroyed completely (his body and all of his cells annihilated) or all of his limbs (arms and legs down to the root) are obliterated and a sharp object is used to pierce his heart before he can regenerate. Arucard's chakra level is 500.


    It is He, the Prince of Darkness, who walks the night and yet can still live in God's day, for he has transcended beyond the ordinary devil and monster of a man. Arucard removed his crimson fangs from the flesh of the unfortunate virgin's neck. Drops of blood fell from the two holes protruded into her body, as well as Arucard's mouth. His appetite satisfied, he had enough thirst for the life of a human. Arucard held her by his unholy arms, watching as the woman would turn into a ghoul any second now. He watched with his cunning red eyes inherited from Satan himself as life left the body, which turned ghastly and putrid, before she rose from the grave once more...

    Two streaks of silver flew right in front of Arucard's eyes. In a single flash, the ghoul-woman's head was gone, and could be found stuck to a wall by the blades of two bayonets. Arucard looked at them curiously, for he could tell the holy power that enchanted the blades. They were blessed by holy water of the purest quality and their material was of pure silver class, making them quite painful to the undead. The No-Life King's demonic eyes turned to face the assailant, the one who turned his food and would-be servant into the dead once more.

    Standing on the other end of the massive hallway was a man whose face was hidden away by the night. The shadowy figure had two holy blades glowing in the darkness, and stepped forward to reveal his face. Arucard could see a blonde man with a manly face and blue spectacles. From the clerical outfit and the despicable Christian cross that laid right next to his heart, Arucard could tell that this was a priest-warrior that he heard so much about.

    "So sorry that I interrupted yer feastin', ya bloody hound", the man apologized. "But this is a Christian home, ya see. So I'm afraid that the poor maiden would not be joining you in the un-life". The man raised his blades and advanced forward, his grey coat and blue cassock moving along with him. Arucard's mouth turned into a sinister smile, which greeted the man's entrance. His ancient black hair appeared to move on its own, slipping off his red fedora hat from the top of his head. Arucard stepped towards the man, bringing along his crimson Victorian coat and black suit. The mysterious Lord of Horror stretched his elderly yet youthful hands, which were concealed by white gloves with a Faustian seal on the backhand. "Oh? You made quite a rude entrance, and all without introducing yourself, reverand? What is a man of the cloth doing so far away from his sermon?" Arucard posed with a venomous tone.
    "Name's Alexander Anderson. I am a Father back in the village of Konoha. But we, the Iscariot, know very well who you are, ya walking zombie. Count Barloth, is it? Or rather that is how you want the civilians to call you. Isn't that right.... vampire?" Anderson said.

    Arucard snickered. "My, my you are quite the informed one". He stopped short just a meter away from Anderson. So did Anderson himself. "Well, well enough chitchat. I came here to crucify your sorry pale ass", Anderson before he lurched forward and swung his blade horizontally at Arucard's upper chest. Arucard backed away, barely dodging it as there was a small wound right under his collar bone.

    "AMEEENNNNN!" Anderson screamed as his religious battle cry. He charged forward with great zeal, swinging his bayonet at Arucard. "One Slash!" Anderson lifted one bayonet and brought it down on Arucard with great velocity and strength. Reacting to this, Arucard titled his body to to the side and simply shifted it to avoid the blade marginally. But Anderson had a follow-up prepared. Withdrawing his blade, he held it back before he'd release it. At the same time, Arucard flexed one arm to build up its supernatural strength that it can exert. Arucard swung his attack right after Anderson swung his. "Sound", Anderson executed, stabbing Arucard right in the neck. Arucard's fist punched right into Anderson's gut, sending his body flying several meters away and it landed sideways on the ground, his back facing towards Arucard. Arucard looked to see that there was blood in his hands. A coughing noise emanated from his throat, for there was a stinging pain in it from the blessed weapon piercing his flesh. Soon, the unholy healing process will begin.

    "A brave one you were, but it is suicide for a mere man to take on a vampire in direct close combat", Alucard stated. He approached the body carelessly, only to find that Anderson's body turned into a blur before he saw two bayonets stuck right below his collar bone. Arucard immediately retreated, backing away as blood came from his mouth.

    "You will not have your way with me tonight, you unholy fiend. And to add insult to the injury.." Anderson showed the big bruise in his lower chest that was beginning to go away. "I am not one of the same men you've encountered". Arucard understood what was going on. "Hoh? So a human has regeneration now? No, this is a product of your so-called biotechnology, hmm?" Arucard said. "You catch on quick, Count. This is bionanotechnology at its finest created by Section 13. No less for the purpose of taking you pagans down". Anderson replied.

    Arucard thought: Section 13....Iscariot.... so these are the Vatican's top soldiers... This religion has adapted well to ninshu... this guy can take on Ninjutsu masters as he is now... no, it is right to classify him on the same level as a S-rank Jounin!

    Anderson flashed a bright smile; his teeth glowed silver as he would begin his long-awaited holy carnage. "AMEN!" he chanted once again and came at Arucard, swinging his bayonets at him. Arucard was forced on the defensive, and using his superhuman acrobatic prowess, was able to prance away from Anderson's attacks. "Wicked, depraved, coorruupted... what blasphemous dance is this?!" Anderson said. "What an opponent you turned out to be.... papist!" Arucard shot after he finally was able to get through Anderson, but not without a slash wound through the chest. Arucard felt that one. He himself was not too affected by holy objects, but the weaponry that Anderson revived a bit of weakness in him and reminded the days of the hunters who had crosses and stakes. To think men has gone this far... Arucard thought as he made it to the spot where he first saw Anderson, at the end of the hallway. He held his chest and hunched over, as if he was out of breath.

    "What's the matter, ya immortal cur? Reached your limit?" Anderson mocked. Arucard chuckled. "Excellent.... EXCELLENT! I am so glad that the Vatican sent me a bug as tough as you!" Arucard said. Arucard raised his hands and chanted: "Releasing Control Art Restriction Systems 3....2...., approval of Situation B recognized. Commencing the Cromwell invocation. Ability restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy has been rendered silent." The air inside the mansion turned thick and foul. Anderson noticed a significant increase in chakra coming from Arucard. "What did you do?" Anderson asked, a beat of sweat running down the back of his neck. He saw a small change when Arucard's hair saw a lot longer than before. "Took it up a notch", Arucard smiled as all the bleeding and injuries that were inflicted on him by the holy bayonets were completely healed by now. A burst of chakra rushed from Arucard and expanded all throughout the hallway; Anderson felt the energy and could tell that the beast was more powerful now. "Fucking black magic!" Anderson cried out. Out from the inside of his coat came a flurry of scripture pages from the bible. "God Barrier!" he called out. About a hundred pages of holy text stuck to the walls of the hallway, completely covering them up. "This is a barrier technique. You have lost yer chance to escape, heathen..." Anderson said. "Cross!" Saturating more bible pages inside of him with chakra, he was able to manipulate them and had them all fly towards Arucard. Arucard evaded them, and launched a downwards strike to cut the pages in half. Although one page was sliced into two, they were still able to float about so long as chakra existed in them. Caught off guard by the trick behind the Cross technique, his arms were quickly bound by the scripture pages. Many pages fluttered right into his face, blindsiding and harassing his vision. Anderson took advantage by charging straight at Arucard while channeling wind chakra through his blades to increase their cutting efficiency. "This time, I shall make yer turn to dust and bones by impaling your beating heart!" Anderson declared as he made a thrust attack with his bayonet right for Arucard's heart. Yet, Arucard was able to dodge it, which surprised Anderson. Anderson made a horizontal swing for Arucard's entire chest, but that too was simply jumped over and Anderson sliced a concrete pillar instead. The bible pages that were on Arucard suddenly turned into flames, and they were all burned away, revealing a smiling Arucard. "There is something we have called a third eye.... although you fanatic dogs may refer to it as a 'sixth sense'. Whatever it is, you're never going to skewer me just by taking away my eyes.... Anderson" Arucard said with a deep, smooth, charismatic tone. Tch... his speed and strength have also increased too.... looks like I have to take him fully seriously now... Anderson thought. Anderson threw all of his pure silver bayonets at Arucard, then clapped his hands together. "Gale Wind Palm!" He shot a wind gale from his hands which sped up the flying bayonets' speed and lethality. Arucard's arm was cut right off, but a few seconds later, it regenerated right back in place. "Yer evil scoundrel... how many men have lost their lives cause of your ungodly immortality?" Anderson posed. "Nonsense Church dog.... there is no such thing as an immortal.." Arucard said while lifting his finger up. Charging his chakra to his finger, a dark sphere emerged from his finger and started to spin rapidly. Then, he fired several of these dark chakra bullets in rapid succession, all aiming at Anderson. Against the speed of these projectiles, Anderson was forced to raise his arms to defend himself. The bullets plowed right into his flesh, but didn't go deep enough to injure his internal organs. A few seconds later, smoke arose from the wounds before they started to close up. "Though as tough as you are.... With my divine gift from God himself, I have a pretty goood feeding that you won't be putting me down anytime soon.." Anderson smiled. The Vatican has developed a trump card among vampire hunters.... for a body to be able to take my Black Bullets and live.. Arucard thought. Holding his hand towards the wall, Arucard charged another black bullet and slammed it right against the wall ladened with bible pages. A second later, he plowed a hole right in the wall of the hallway from the chakra bullet exploding right against it. It blew away the bible pages that composed the medium, and Arucard was able to escape out of the mansion.
    "Oh no ya don't!" Anderson shouted as he ran after the No-Life King. They were outside now, in an open field with no obstructions. "So you think you can take me on better now that we're outside, eh? Well ya better think again, my little bat", Anderson said. Boosting his speed with chakra-enhanced Shunshin, Anderson blitzed Arucard right against a tree, nailing the center of his hands right against two adjacent tree branches. "Time for me to dish out Divine Punishment!" Anderson cried out. He axed Arucard's head right off, decapacitating him before stabbing him right into the heart. "AMEN!!!" he cried out, finishing the holy execution.

    Yet, from behind him various bats started to converge. They overlapped and mingled with each other, before forming the figure of.... Arucard! "What?!" Anderson yelled out. How could this be? "Good work, Anderson! You actually reached my heart!" arucard praised laughingly. "You're in a completely different league than the vampires I'm used to facing... what sort of pact did you make with the Devil?" Anderson angrily. "I was always stronger than the rest.... but I suppose it is not since the shinobi tamed me... and inserted into me some of the power of the Bijuu did I ascend even above God!" Arucard answered. Anderson gritted his teeth furiously. "What blasphemy! To think that it is an act of foolish men that used hateful creatures to make an even more unstoppable MONSTER!" Anderson yelled. "Oh..... your virgin eyes have yet to see anything yet..." Arucard said as he made something like a rectangle with his hands. The seals on his gloves glowed red, and his entire appearance was shrouded in darkness with only a red aura surrounding him. "Releasing Control Art Restriction Systems 3...2...1..., approval of Situation A recognized. Commencing the Cromwell invocation. Ability restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy has been rendered silent!" A massive amount of chakra bursted from him, and the air turned even thicker and more foul. Arucard's attire was completely replaced. Gone was the suit and red coat, replaced by a black heavy straightjacket covering his neck down to his very ankles. His teeth grew sharper and his hair even more insidious, and his eyes were rife with sinister bloodlust. Anderson had never seen evil so embodied in physical form before. He had a thin red aura surrounding him and also what looked like a creepy, bulging large eye in the middle of his chest. Dark chakra surrounded him; truly he was a Bijuu - those manifestations of hate, in human form.
    "My god..." Anderson breathed. "Now then.... let us fight to the death, Anderson!" Arucard cried out. With tremendous speed, Arucard punched a hole right in Anderson's torso before he could react. Arucard pulled his fist outside of Anderson, who was sent staggering backwards with blood pouring from his nose and stomach. The wound started to close up; his regeneration kicking it to save his life. "Good! Looks like I can have as much fun with you as I want.." Arucard said. Grunting Anderson said, "It truly is improper to call you a 'vampire'?"

    "Blade Shadow Clone technique!" He made ten copies of his remaining two blessed steel bayonets and threw them all at Arucard. "Pacify Light!"  The bayonets were thrown with such force and velocity that they succeeded in penetrating into Arucard's chest and head, but the holy artifacts did not faze him. Instead, they simply shattered and were removed from Arucard's body by the method of telekinesis. "Well then, is that all, Father Anderson? Is this all that the Iscariot has to offer? More... more! Hurry, hurry!" Arucard demanded. Anderson maintained his distance, "Pff.... looks like as we are now, I cannot slay you and carve out your heart. Until then, Count!" Anderson declared, taking out his Bible inside his coat. "Call for Justice!" Chakra ran through the scripture pages which were tagged with "Shunshin" marks. These pages surrounded Anderson, engulfed him, and Anderson disappeared with them. "heh... crusaders running away once again... a teleportation spell, huh.." Arucard said as his Control Art Restriction levels returned him to Level 3, reverting him to his base form and attire. Arucard walked away into the night, gazing at the moon. "What a night..." he said to himself..


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    Re: The Priest On His Crusade

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    Ephesians 6:11-12 - Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.  

    "Releasing Control Art Restriction Systems Level 0, approval of Situation S recognized. Commencing the Cromwell invocation. Ability restrictions lifted for limited use until the enemy has been rendered silent."

    Chaos filled the streets of Konohagakure. Fire, murder, and blood ran down the many city blocks that composed the area of the grand hidden village. Horses ridden by samurai and ninja of the past century could be seen, waving flags and wielding an assortment of traditional equipment that included, but not limited to spears, swords, shields, and armor. The air was rife with the foul stench of death, like the taste of an ant still living inside one's throat. Various Jounin, Chunin, and Genin tried to fight back, but their numbers were in the thousands and everyone was completely unprepared. Scatterred all across the village, the undead army brought the living over to their dead. Konohagakure was in flames and in hell.

    "Father Anderson! What is our next course of action?!" one of his fellow comrades asked him. Anderson just finished butchered a Jounin that died several decades ago. The entire organization of Iscariot made it over to Konohagakure, as they were the only ones who knew of Arucard's invasion ahead of time. With their numbers alone, they could wipe out all the lives that had lived inside that monster and built up his immortality. That was why Anderson could not defeat him then. From a higher ground, Anderson looked to see how things were faring. Massive fire and flames were in the air and on houses, no doubt ignited by the army of the zombies. This was real hell, a real apocalypse, a real invasion of the undead that the Vatican had prepared themselves for a long time. As it was written in the Bible. That would show all of them heretics! But Anderson had more important things to think about, and that was the survival of mankind. As embers floated in the air, the cries of men and women filled the streets, and the dreadful moaning of revived souls pilfering the entire place, Anderson saw  a river of death. Blood filled the ground, but it did not remain stagnant. As if some dark force was drawing them in, they were moving like a massive stream all towards one place. Anderson knew where they were going: Arucard. The No-Life King intended to add the citizens of Konoha to his collection, and if he were to feed upon the majority of the population, then the other villages would not stand a chance. Soon, he will raid entire countries and millions of the dead would join under his banner, waving his flag and defying the Holiness that is God. As God's servant, Anderson could not let that happen. This was his crusade.

    "Protect every man, woman, and child that wishes to flee. I will go take on that bloody Vampire King myself!" Anderson ordered. And with that, he  teleported towards Arucard's way.....

    There He was, a king revived. The man who ruled the Frost, before he also went to the ground. But he did not stay there. He rose, from the grave, with black magic and became the first True Undead. His heart turned dry and cold, and thus the last vestiges of his humanity disappeared from him. He is a monster.

    His face was older than his usual youthful vampiric appearance that was maintained by the blood of others. He had a moustache and a beard. He wore old Medieval armor followed by a red cape that mimicked the blood that surrounded his feet. The King has returned.

    "Blood is gold of the soul and silver of the will...." Arucard muttered to himself. There was a change in the air, and those familiar Bible pages scattered right in front of him. Out came from it was the righteous Paladin, a hero out of the mythical books coming to kill the madness. "ARUCARD!!" Anderson yelled as he slashed a bayonet right at him. Arucard reacted easily, drawing his blade to parry the blow comfortably. Anderson landed on the blood-soaked ground. Arucard and Anderson were standing on a pool of blood, where the very "gold" and "silver" all amassed to drench Arucard in immortal life. Yet, the King did not drink any yet. Instead, he wanted to savor the moment until it ended. Then, he would use others so sustain his life once more. Anderson must defeat him before then, or killing him would be impossible. He was really standing on the border of life and death right now.

    "Long time no see.... Crusader!" Arucard said with a small accent. "So... this is what Level 0 is!" Anderson cried. "Indeed!" Arucard said. "The total release of my power.... all lives inside me would gain life and become mine. I, on the other hand, would have full access to all my powers. Finally, it looks like the dawn has fallen upon men!" "Not so long as God's men still exists on this earth. Do not think of me as the same as last time!" Anderson said, and he charged right at Level 0 Arucard once more to deliver his fastest strike. Arucard merely dodged it and countered by delivering an attack from his own sword. "Parry!" Anderson successfully blocked the attack, feeling as Arucard's physical strength did not advance as far as he thought. Anderson backed away, sending a flurry of his remaining Bible Pages all over at Arucard, which did no avail as Arucard simply sent them away via telekinesis. "Blade Shadow Clone Technique!" Anderson shouted as he made copies of his bayonets. "Flying Gales!" Infusing wind chakra into his bayonets, he was able to manipulate wind currents around them to have them all levitate and float around him, getting ready to nail their enemy. Holding all these bayonets right between his fingers, he threw them with all his might. "Pacify Light! Triple Combo of the Wind Crusader!" All of the bayonets flew towards Arucard with tremendous velocity, appearing as glowing streaks of light as they represent God's weapons. With wind propelling them, Anderson could have them change direction as he pleased, and he had them all aim precisely for Arucard's chest - most aimed for his heart. With their numbers, Anderson had prepared this attack to combat Level 1...

    Arucard was not worried. Charging up his dark chakra, he fired bullets that plowed all the way through those bayonets, completely obliterating them. At his strongest, his chakra was larger and stronger, thus his attacks were also more powerful too. "Bloody hell!" Anderson shouted. His bayonets were not effective against Level 0, which meant that he was out of options. "What's wrong, Priest? Has your faith turned foul?" Arucard asked as he made a giant leap backwards, and landed many meters away from Anderson. Anderson noticed that appearing right between Arucard and himself were no less than two hundred familiar summons. They were all undead zombies, resurrected after having their blood drank by Arucard and their souls stolen to sustain his own life. "My God... what has this monster done to the earth?" Anderson breathed. Arucard's Level 0 army charged right at Anderson, and Anderson had no choice but to fight back or lose his life.

    "Angel Dust!" taking out a chain, he ran wind chakra through it until it surged into his bayonets, increasing their lethality. Whirling adn tossing the chain around, he had a controlled aim of his bayonet as he had it strike the undead army using the chain for long-range purposes. So long as he could keep the army at bay while they're away from him, he would be safe. The blessed bayonets did well in killing the zombie ninjas, and Anderson killed a score of them.... until one daring zombie chopped his chain into half with what appeared to be a chakra-enhanced sword. His technique was disrupted, and Anderson lost a bayonet. Now that the big guns were coming out, Anderson knew that he had to fight more efficiently now. "Blade Shadow Clone! Expulsion!" He created duplicates of his bayonets and surged wind and fire chakra through them. Through his Expulsion technique, he could make the bayonets explode, which was even further enhanced by the wind chakra. "Pacify Light!" With all of the force he could muster, Anderson spammed ten of these bayonets right into the center ranks; steaks of light blitzed the zombies and exploded in a devastating fashion, killing a couple dozen zombies. Indeed, the army was powerful but it lacked intellect and tactical command. Even if it were 200 men, Anderson will fight. No greater than this day did his faith and religious zeal become stronger. He must have faith in God, else his body perish and his will slack.

    The army kept on going, and its numbers did not seem to dwindle. There were still over 100 of them. It still filled the block of Konoha. Anderson had to get away from here; death was not an appeasing sight or smell. Taking his chain, he sacrificed all of his explosive bayonets and tossed them all over into the army, attached to the chain. Like tossing a gernade. "Explosive Guidance Chain!" Along with the chain, the bayonets exploded once more to demolish the army, and yet they still kept on going. Anderson charged right at them. Using all of his remaining silver bayonets, Anderson threw them all via Pacify Light. Beams of light pierced ten zombies, halting their undead tracks as they slumped to the floor. Now, he only had a few bayonets left. With swift slashes and thrusts, he plowed right through the army of the dead. He rammed through the bodies and stuck his holy blades into their decayed flesh, ending their enslaved lives. He prayed to The Creator that they make their way to heaven.

    By instinct, Anderson felt like someone was trying to stab him from behind. Reacting on reflex, Anderson turned around half-way and jabbed the tip of his blade right into the head of a dead Genin who used to be a border guard. That relieved him of his duty. With Blade Shadow Clone and Flying Gales, he also had them go down into the skulls of the dead. However, he faced some serious adversaries. One zombie threw a flurry of chakra melee weapons right at him, to which Anderson dealt with by blocking in attempt to tank. The attacks plowed through his body, which dealt him great pain, but Anderson dealt with him through his religious armor. He blitzed the offender and sliced his head off. He was further skewered by spears, arrows, swords, and axes, but his bio-regeneration restored his vitality and covered up all wounds. Iscariot's trump card was well built to handle a situation like this. With his durability, endurance, and pseudo-immortal regeneration, Anderson continued onwards and sliced everyone in his way. The challenges grew even more arduous. Some of the undead could use Ninjutsu, and they fired an attack each of the five elements right at him. That wore him down, took a toll on his stamina, and even dealt some permanent damage to his regeneration. One fireball burned off so much of one arm that the healing process did not kick in. Indeed, the nanotechnology that was inside of him was malfunctioning due to overwork. Other attacks plowed holes all over his chest; his blood covered his entire face and neck. Yet, he did not falter. With his faith renewing his strength, he killed anyone in his way. Anderson felt like he was in hell, completely surrounded by demons. He would have to fight for eternity against the undead, who wanted nothing more than to eat the human. Anderson kept on fighting, pushing his body over the physical limit as he slashed, hacked, beheaded, gutted, stabbed, and burficated over and over again. "AMENNNNNNN!" he cried as he pushed his way through like a real fucking man, continuning onwards like he wanted more enemies to come at him. He threw exploding tags in the air, which helped clear up space. Continuining to use his nicked bayonets and wind ninjutsu, Anderson kept on fighting, clearing the zone and surviving another second in the pit of hell on earth....

    Anderson breathed red vapor from his nose and coughed up blood. The entrails and blood of zombies were in his face, as their mutilated bodies laid before him. The Crusader had conquered the legion of pagan creatures, all in the name of the Holy Spirit. Blood and death filled the air even stronger. By the time Anderson came to, he realized that he cleared almost all of the undead. A few remannts of Level 0 still remained, and he was not sure if he had the strength to continue. He felt like falling over and passing out, but knew that for the sake of others, he could not. How long had he been in there, in that hell fighting? How many Iscariot members die in the wake? And then, he saw that he had a clear path to Arucard, the real demon. Anderson spoke to him: "hurry.... hurry...."

    The King clapped proudly. "Excellent! Outstanding! Father Anderson! You are a true Knight of God. Now that you've bested the army I've sent you, you've arrived at the castle of the Dark King. Now then, come take my life! Gouge out my heart and declare yourself the righteous hero of this dark night. Be the man who slayed Arucard the Monster!" Arucard cried out.

    Anderson inhaled and exhaled heavily. He reached into the pocket of his coat, and pulled out a silver nail.


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    Re: The Priest On His Crusade

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    "Ho? What is that thing you're holding right there?" Arucard asked, appearing before him as he did when he was in Level 1. Gone was the medieval armor and his human face - replacing it is the black straightjacket that fitted a dark vampire. Blood ran down from Anderson's numerous open wounds and holes as he breathed heavily. He was still surrounded by enemies and still had to face Arucard himself, who was already more powerful than himself when he was at full health. He felt like he was going to collapse or pass out any second, and can no longer take the sight or sound of the vampire, enemy of man and God. There was only one way for him to slay him and save Konohagakure from the rest of the undead that pillaged other parts of the village.

    "Salvation..." Anderson breathed before he stabbed the nail right inside his heart. Arucard was quite caught off guard by this, and had no idea what was going on. Once that metal appendage struck his beating heart, a sharp pain flowed through Anderson's entire body, before it was replaced by a feeling of both piety and power. Warming his entire heart, pulsing through his entire body, was an ever-stronger feeling of being closer and loyal to God. A change had occured to his body, and the transformation woke up the deepest layers of his faith, bringing them to the surface. "What are you doing?' Arucard asked. "The Nail....of Helena..." Anderson said. Arucard looked like he heard of that name somewhere, but could not put his finger on it. "A forbidden weapon of the S-class... it is an ancient relic that was hidden by the Iscariot. It is the holiest of artifacts.... for it was blessed by none other than the Sage of Six Paths in his blood!" Anderson explained. Arucard could feel it, a very powerful chakra presence emanating from Anderson's heart. Ever since arriving at Level 0, he also gained massive chakras rivaling that of a Bijuu, but now the nail had a similar signature. Arucard was disgusted by the chakra the nail was sending out, for it was a feeling of holiness. What is holy to the unholy is what the unholy is to the holy. He was repelled by the very aura of righteousness and good that came from the nail. "What have you done to yourself?" Arucard asked. He did not want this.

    "A monster... like yourself. A real monster... but not an enemy of mankind. I am a servant... a monster of God. For Armageddon!" Anderson cried out. His chakra levels skyrocketed, matching Arucard's own. It gave off the feeling which would place into the hearts of humans a feeling that they're closer to God, even if they were non-believers. Arucard got very angry by this, and it riled him up. "ANDERSON!" Arucard cried out. Then, he noticed that all of Anderson's injuries healed in an instant, something that matched his own regen. Arucard charged a dark chakra bullet and fired it right into Anderson's head, blowing it off completely. Yet, when the unholy and the holy collide, a long battle will ensue. No later did plants sprout from Anderson's open neck and begin to mold itself into the shape of Anderson's head. It wasn't before long did his entire head come back.

    " devil!" Anderson yelled, right before his own head was sliced off by Anderson. He didn't expect Anderson's speed and physical strength to rise up so quickly, that he would not be able to catch his movement or attack. Arucard instinctively shifted into a darkness mass and retreated from Anderson, who slowly approached Arucard. "Devil, devil, devil.... now that you have encountered an even bigger monster... what will become of an imp like you?" Anderson taunted. Arucard reformed himself back into shape and fired several more dark chakra bullets. They hit Anderson's body, but all the wounds immediately were covered up by what looked like golden vines and healed very quickly. "The essence of the forefather of ninja resides in me.... With the will of the most powerful man ever in existence by me, there is nothing for you to do but to return to your grave, Count!" Anderson declared. He threw several bayonets at Arucard via Pacify Light, but Arucard narrowly dodged them from a distance away. He tried to run away, confident that he could outrun Anderson's speed, but Anderson merely threw a bayonet that caught Arucard by the shoe, preventing him from escape. Arucard dodged the blade, but was immediately burned, for it was infused with the blessed chakra of the Sage that was sealed inside the nail. Against satanic/demonic creatures like himself, it was poison, if not kryptonite. That was what Anderson had become. A torrent dedicated to destroying him. Angrily, Arucard summoned his demon hound Baskerville to charge Anderson and eat up. Anderson responded by sticking two bayonets in Baskerville, causing it to essentially blow up in a bath of blood. Anderson quickly healed. Anderson jumped above all the blood which dsitracted Arucard and threw down a bayonet, which moved so fast that it went right through Arucard's skull. Anderson descended down upon him and out from his body came  a dozen golden vines. They wrapped themselves around Arucard's neck, arms, legs, and torso before they plunged into his flesh, stabbing into his body. Arucard felt he was being burned from inside out, as the holy chakra that was coming from them was way too much for him to handle. He felt both helpless and powerless. "All of your black magic have become naught, demon. It shall ring throughout the world that all heathens will get their just and swift punishment", Anderson said. Vines sprouted from his body and jumped towards the incoming remnants of Level 0 which were closing in from all directions to save their master Arucard. The vines were huge and blitzed across an entire city block, entangling any zombies within its grasps. Then, Anderson ignited it on fire, and out came a bright red fire that rivaled the heat of Amaterasu. This supernatural flame which came from converting Rikudou Sennin/The Nail's chakra into that of the fire affinity, specifically harmed evil entities that opposed God. Holy fire had turned into holy fire, and it was powerful enough to reduce all undead into ashes at the same time. No matter their numbers. This was the Vatican's trump card to fight against enemies of God. The monster of God would reign upon this world, punishing evildoers for their crime of non-belief.

    Arucard was set on flames and he seemed to have slumped, resigning to death. Burns covered his entire body as the vines penetrated deeper; fire seeping into the holes. Their aim was his heart. Anderson looked around him to see a sea of burning zombies. They were on fire, being roasted and incinerated into ashes before vaporizing. He liked this scene. He liked this scene very well. Anderson cackled loudly. The sight of the natural - the undead becoming dead once more was appeasing to him. He liked the smell of death being burned, for it gave him reason and purpose. Soon, all zombies would be annihilated and Konohagakure would be saved. Anderson looked down at Arucard, seeing the pitiful vampire completely helpless before the holy abomination. Parts of Arucard's chest were so burned that Anderson can see into his flesh, and it was then did Anderson have sight of Arucard's beating heart. The monster of God reached into Arucard's heart with his holy hands, and pulled it out without ripping it. There it was, the vampire's beating heart. All men who have tried to stab it did not avail them in killing him. But today was the day of triumph, where all those men and women who were sacrificed and eaten would be avenged by one fallen crusader. "The hammer will not fall on you, Arucarrrrddddd!" Anderson yelled.

    Arucard's finger twitched, and in a second later, Anderson saw the nail flying away right before his eyes and a sharp pain once again followed right after it. Blood came from his nose and mouth, and Anderson realized that Arucard's sword which was used and forgotten in their earlier bout penetrated his body. "What..... how can you still use your power.... how are you still conscious?!" Anderson asked as he was being depowered. Unknowing to both of them, the Nail of Helena had only one weakness. As it was blessed by Rikudou Sennin's blood, it was only fitting that those with resistance against the powers of the Nail were those with the Sage's chakra in them. This right belonged to the Uchiha and Senju, but this also included the Bijuu who had retained some of the man's chakra after they were split from inside of him as they were the Juubi. Arucard had been experimented and perfected into the perfect vampire because of Bijuu chakra being infused inside of him. Therefore, this Bijuu in human form had resistance against the vines and flames. Using all of the bloodlust, angry strength he could muster, Arucard shoved his vampiric fist right into Anderson's body, and out came his heart on the other side. Feeling the last pulsing beats, Arucard crushed it, showering his entire hand with blood. "Looks like this is over.... you damn monster.." Arucard said. Anderson grunted. "I told you.... you will not have your way with us!" Anderson said. "AMMEENNNNNNNN!" he screamed with religious zeal. Using the last of his faithful strength, he crushed Arucard's heart as well and the two fallen monster-warriors collapsed to the ground. Both of them heaving, deprived of their only source of life. Arucard looked up to the sky and said to himself: "Ah..... now, it is finally over..." Anderson's face was down facing the ground and he said to himself: "Ah.... now I can meet... him.."

    And so, the battle between man and monster was over.

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    Re: The Priest On His Crusade

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