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    Money System

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    Money System Empty Money System

    Post by Kirito Gekko on Sun Jun 16, 2013 7:49 pm

    As stated above it is time that we have the money system put into place for things to get under way. So below shall be details on each part of the money system.

    What is it?
    The money system shall be the same as the Naruto world the Ryo system.

    How money shall be earned:
    Money is usually earned through missions or earned by handing in bounties to countries that set them in. Heres the amounts for missions:
    D-Rank- 5,000 ryō
    C-Rank- 10,000 ryō
    B-Rank- 50,000 ryō
    A-Rank- 500,000 ryō
    S-Rank- 1,000,000 ryō

    The bingo book money is set up the same way except if a person is a S-Rank then the prices vary.

    Note: if in a squad, each member splits the total amount.. just the price for ease of success..

    Everyone Starts with 1,000 ryō for their characters. that is all that is needed to be known for this system. may add things to go with this money system later.

    Rogue money system

    Since rogues do not do missions and they form a faction that is recognized as ally to some nations, they can offer their services as "quiet mercinaries" that do other villages dirty work to get their money.. due to their non-affiliation with the villages, the get 10% less than village shinobi..

    D-Rank- 4,500 ryō
    C-Rank- 9,000 ryō
    B-Rank- 45,000 ryō
    A-Rank- 450,000 ryō
    S-Rank- 900,000 ryō

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