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    Chapter 1: Prologue (The Premonition)


    Bardock and his team had just conquered Planet Kanassa and had returned home, when Bardock has a vision about the destruction of Planet Vegeta and the death of his crew and friends at the hand of Dodoria, he shakes it off as if it was a daydream or hallucination caused by fatigue, he never believed that Frieza would betray them after everything they've done for him, but he wondered if they were real, after all he had heard that the inhabitants of Planet Kanassa had psychic gifts, like being able to read minds and see into the future.

    #End of narration#

    Bardock thinks for himself *I should probably mention this to King Vegeta, he's my old friend and rival after all*

    'On Frieza's spaceship'

    Soldier: "Lord Frieza, we've been notified that as of last night, Planet Kanassa was conquered."

    Dodoria: "By whom, that particular mission have been open for weeks."

    Soldier: "It was a group of low-class saiyans, leader is Bardock."

    Frieza: "Bardock, his strength increases quite fast, these saiyans are peculiar, they become stronger with each defeat, I should eliminate them, should there be any truth to the stupid legend of the Super Saiyan."

    Frieza: "Set course towards Planet Vegeta, It's time i dealt with these saiyans myself."

    Everyone: "YES LORD FRIEZA!"

    'Back on Planet Vegeta'

    Bardock and his crew had just arrived on Planet Vegeta, Bardock rushed to the kings royal chamber demanding to have an audition with him.

    Bardock: "Let me in, I have something I must discuss with the king, it can be a matter of life or death!"

    King Vegeta: "Very well, let him in."

    Bardock: "My king, I have urgent news, better to take it in private."

    King Vegeta: "As you wish, soldiers leave us!"

    Soldiers: "Yes your majesty"

    'Soldiers leaving'

    King Vegeta: "So what's this about my old friend and rival?"

    Bardock: "As of last night, me and my crew went to Planet Kanassa and conquered it, as you might have heard, the kanassians apparently possess some psychic gifts, like being able to read minds or see into the future."

    King Vegeta: "Go on..."

    Bardock: "I encountered a kanassian there and he did some kind of attack on me, I was too sloppy and had dropped my guard, but that's beside the point, some time after the attack when we were on our way back, I had a vision of Planet Vegeta being destroyed by Frieza, I wasn't sure if it was a daydream or hallucination caused by fatigue, but I thought that it was best that i let you know anyways. "

    King Vegeta: "You did the right thing, if it is a premonition then we can only assume that he's on his way and we can plan a counter-offensive to defeat him once and for all."

    Bardock: "It won't work, he's too strong, in my vision I saw you being killed by ease by him right here in this chamber, and the rest of the saiyans were eating dinner, I was the only one that fought, I died together with the planet engulfed in a big blast, so if i may your majesty, I suggest that we try to warn as many as possible and prepare space pods and travel to some backwater planet where no one knows us, like that planet my newborn son was sent to, Earth was it? "

    King Vegeta: "That's preposterous, you're saying we should flee like cowards, that's not the saiyan way."

    Bardock: "I know that but we have no choice if we want to survive, look at it like a tactical retreat, so that we can train and become stronger and fight another day."

    King Vegeta: "I guess so, I don't really like it but if it is as you say then we have no choice if we want to survive, I'll have the space pods ready in 6 hours."

    Bardock: "Thank you, your majesty."

    King Vegeta "No need to use such formalities when we are alone, we are old friends and rivals after all."

    Bardock: "Okay, thank you Vegeta, I'll go get Raditz, Nappa and young prince Vegeta, and you'll issue to evacuate?"

    King Vegeta: "Yes, now go, we don't have much time."


    King Vegeta: "Attention everyone, I've acquired information from a close friend that Frieza is here soon and that he will destroy the entire planet, we must evacuate now so that we can survive, I know it's the coward's way but we have no choice, we are too weak as we are now."

    'Everyone breaks out in laughter'

    "Pfft, has the king gone senile, why would Frieza betray us, we've done nothing to deserve that, we've served him with absolute loyalty."

    King Vegeta: "You fools, you're all going to die, fine suit yourselves, you'll have no one else to blame but yourselves!"

    'Laughter dies down and end of announcement'

    '6 hours later'

    Soldier: "Lord Frieza we are approaching Planet Vegeta!"

    Bardock: "Oh shit, he's here, we must leave NOW, Nappa, prince Vegeta, Raditz, take your space pods and input coordinates for Planet Earth, me and the king will take off in a minute as well!."

    Bardock uses a frequency on the scouter that only the king will hear: "Vegeta, Frieza have arrived, we must leave now!"

    King Vegeta: "Okay, I'm at my space pod right now, was Planet Earth the correct destination?"

    Bardock: "Yes, same planet as i sent Kakarot."

    'Frieza charges his Supernova attack and sends it straight at the core of Planet Vegeta never noticing the space pods that escaped.

    (End of prologue)

    Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Ball Z, Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation Studio and Funimation does, this is a fanfic made for pure entertainment only, no profit is being made.

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