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    Dragon Ball Z: Rewritten Chapter 2 Empty Dragon Ball Z: Rewritten Chapter 2

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    Chapter 2:The Escape
    Bardock, his sons Raditz and Kakarot, King Vegeta and his son Prince Vegeta and General Nappa fled from Planet Vegeta before it exploded, on his way towards Planet Earth, Kakarot left one day early, so he’ll arrive one day earlier, Bardock wanted to make sure that everyone made it out okay, so he contacted the rest using the built in communicationsystems in the spacepod.

    Bardock: "Are you all ok, who’s accounted for?"

    Raditz: "Me dad."

    Nappa: "As am i."

    Prince Vegeta: "Ditto."

    King Vegeta: "And I’m here."

    Paragus: "Me and Broly are also here."

    Bardock: "Paragus, is that you?"

    Paragus: "Yes, me and Broly are safe, thanks to the king’s order, there are others that escaped during the turbulence."

    Bardock: "Identify yourselves!"

    Tora: "Geeze relax Bardock, it’s just me, Tora."

    Bardock: "Tora, thank god, I was worried about you, are Fasha and Shugesh okay?"

    Tora: "Yeah, they’re tired, but fine."

    Bardock: "I’m relieved to hear that."

    Bardock: "So we’re all that’s left?"

    Komatsuna: "No I’m here, me and four other female Saiyans survived."

    Bardock: "Who’s there?"

    Mizuna: "Me."

    Retasu: "And me."

    Taanipu: "Don’t forget about me!"

    Gine: ”I’m here.”

    Bardock: "Hm we are more than I expected, I guess that some actually listened, good, now, do you have any idea of where we’re headed?"

    Tora and the rest: "No, we recently only heard your voice over the com-link, but we haven’t heard anything about a destination."

    Bardock: "Fair enough, we’re on our way towards Planet Earth, I sent my youngest son Kakarot there, he’ll arrive a day or two ahead of us and honey I’m glad that your survived as well."

    Gine: "Aw Bardock, you’ve never been this way before, what’s happened to you?"

    Bardock: "Well, let’s just say that a lot has happened the last day."

    Gine: "Alright."

    Shugesh: "So Bardock, why Planet Earth, to conquer it?"

    Bardock: "No, I thought that such a backwater planet would stay below Frieza's radar, so that we can keep a  low profile and train there until we are strong enough to overthrow him at some point, but I have a feeling that it's something that new generation will, but it still doesn't hurt to keep a low profile. "

    Shugesh: "Fair enough, so Bardock how long until we get there?"

    Bardock: "At this speed, a week at most, maybe two weeks if we have to refuel and refill our food and beverage supply."
    Five days later.

    A spacepod crashed in the woods near Mount Paozu, a strange old man was out hiking and saw this and decided to investigate and what he saw was a little boy, the old man picked him up and noticed that he the little boy had a tail, but he did not pay attention to it, this strange old man was named Son-Gohan, he was a martial arts master and one of the strongest people on the planet.

    Son-Gohan: "Cheery little fella, I think I'll call you Son-Goku."
    Thus Son-Gohan took the boy into his home and adopted him, the first day was the toughest, the little boy was very aggressive and was strong for his age, everything changed the next day when Goku fell down a chasm and hit his head really hard, he was lucky to be alive, after five days the boy awoke and was completely changed, he went from aggressive to the sweetest most caring and pure hearted little boy.

    AN: Chapter 2, I want constructive critisism so I know what could be improved.

    Disclaimer: I don't own Dragon Ball Z, Akira Toriyama, Toei Animation and Funimation does, this is simply a fanfic made for enjoyment, no profit is being made from this.

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